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    Ever wondered how to get those gold stars you see under URLs in Google search results?

    These gold stars come from the average review rating a business receives from their customers, it is called Aggregated Data and is created by using Schema Mark Up, which is coded into a website.


    When you collect reviews with Eooro we take care of all these coding issues, so don’t worry if you know nothing about it.

    Using Eooro, you only need to cut & paste some code into your website.... its so simple.



    Assuming your business has already joined Eooro and collected 6 reviews, follow the 3 steps shown under the "Gold Star Ratings" tab, which you will find in your My Account area.

    It is only a matter of cutting and pasting some code from your Eooro account into your website.

    Remember to re-index your pages on Webmaster Tools.


    If you have done everything correctly some websites will see the gold star ratings appearing within an hour.
    To monitor the progress, enter this into Google Search "".

    This will list all your pages that are indexed by Google and if the gold stars are working they will appear in this search.


    If you need help, email our support team at [email protected] or talk to us via the Live Chat service on the website.

    "Star ratings make websites stand out, resulting in more traffic."




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