General question about online merchant accounts/processors.

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    Hi can someone please let me know what information is transmitted to merchants when someone pays with debit / credit card.
    For each payment received am I able to see the full name of the payee. Also if a business card was used will I be able to see both the business name and the name on card or will it just be business name or just name on card without business details...
    Is their address details that is associated with the card also transmitted or not?
    I appreciate that this may be different for different processor but on average how does the above work.
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    The only details required to process the payment are the card number, security code and expiry date. It's not actually necessary to ask for the cardholder's details, although most websites will to perform fraud checks – especially when it comes to selling tangible items. It depends on how your integration is set up.

    Any cardholder details you see are just what the customer has entered – you can't see the actual cardholder details as stored with the card issuer. Instead the cardholder details submitted to your card processor may be checked against the real details using automatic services to prevent fraud (again this depends on your integration).

    I don't believe there's a fraud tool to check the name of the business a card is registered to, only the cardholder's personal name and address, so the business name should be irrelevant and isn't usually (if ever?) asked for. Just the cardholder's name (and address).
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    What you will see on your Payment Provider's reports and what the bank gets for the authorisation will depend on the settings above the minimum requirements (as Mike has pointed out above).

    If you have it enabled AVS checking will check that the billing address of the registered card matches what has been entered on the payment page (which may or may not have been forwarded from a checkout page). The purchaser may decide to enter a company name instead of a personal name on the cardholder name section of the form and this could then be displayed in the PSP's reports.
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