Gathering ideas for automating the component update process

Discussion in 'Joomla Support' started by Claudia_A, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Here is the brain picking matter I would like to address: we have recently performed major updates on our website, moved to a new domain, reshaped all of our extensions and now we are looking to do some work on our demo server as well. Upgrading it to J! 3.3.3. was easy, however now we are looking at different approaches on how to maintain our extensions to their current release versions. Normally, we'd have to manually update each of them (we have 30), but we want to create an automated flow, so that every time we have a new release, it will get updated along with the database and everything. Does anybody know an out-of-the-box solution we could use, or at least something that we can customize to work for our specific needs?
    Your input will be highly appreciated. Thank you!
    Posted: Sep 17, 2014 By: Claudia_A Member since: Sep 2, 2014
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