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    Dear friends ,
    I'm new to this forum , Hi to all

    Im importing Canned and bottled food items to UK on LCL ( about 2CBM ) , the exporter shipper has booked the consignment on an 40ft container,
    when the goods arrived here the port health have got interested in one item and they had requested more information , which seems to be a restricted food item in the UK , which i was not informed by the exporter ( or they had to get additional certification which i was not aware until now ) .
    since there was delays at the ports in UK the things were not moving fast , so it is still stuck there for about 50 days.
    finally port health has decided to refuse the item , so thats OK its a very small QTY.

    now the agent and the shipping line is billing me for dumerages which is about 10 times of the goods , and its not the final charge which is due to accumulate ,

    I can see the exporter has messed up the documentation and I was not informed , the shipment was delayed at the country of origin , the exporter claims this is due to Covid.

    Now my problem is demurrage which is about 6 K for about 40 Days since the container landed ,

    Am I liable for the demurrage of the entire container ? Should I pay this ? i'm just a startup where do i stand , your advice is much appreciated

    thank You
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