FTSE 100 web service?

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I have a web project that requires access to FTSE 100 share prices. I have been looking for a free or low cost web service / API that will provide this. It does not have to be real time, the usual 20 minute delayed service will be fine.

The best I can come up with so far is uk.finance.yahoo.com which provides a comma delimited file for download.


I will use this if necessary but was hoping for something a bit more flexible.

Any Ideas?
Depends what you're wanting to do. If it's index charts then there seem to be plenty of places where you can grab them and produce a 'mash up' into your own page - copyright etc permitting. If you want to show prices and/or charts for individual LSE traded shares then I think your first port of call has to be the London Stock Exchange site...

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Hi Bill

What I am after is a true web service / API. i.e where my server can query their server and receive share price information. I don't want to resort to 'screen scraping' etc. Thanks for the suggestion of the LSE site. I had not previously looked there. Unfortunately they don't appear to offer what I require.

It looks like I will have to use the Yahoo .csv file. I can periodically down load it and use it to update my own database. Any short term queries can then act on the database. With a true web service / API I could cut out this stage and directly query their server.

Fortunately it is only for an educational project so I do not need the very latest share prices.


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Just a follow up in case anybody else ever has a similar problem:

It would have been nice to find a modern web service / API but I have found the Yahoo service provides all the data I require. You have to be a bit careful because the comma delimited file data fields are different from the ones on the Yahoo web page. The fields that are there are also in a different order to the ones on the web page but it is not too difficult (at least in ASP.NET) to extract the data and reformat as required.

The results of my initial test interface are on this page if anybody is interested.

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