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    We would like to order a piece of machinery from China. We have been quoted $150 to get the item shipped from China to Felixstowe. This seems reasonable but I just wanted to check if anyone has any recommendations for companies that can then transport it from the port to our business in Glasgow. I'm assuming customs clearance will need to be sorted as well.

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  2. Mike Foulds

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    Hi. I suggest you speak to a forwarder who will be able to handle the customs clearance and arrange the haulage for you. Depending on the size and weight of the item, the costs will be relative.
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  3. GraemeL

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    Who has quoted you this? As you mention Felixstowe I assume its LCL sea freight. However I would have thought that $150 was below the minimum charge for sea freight so I am doubtful

    To avoid nasty surprises, get a UK based FF to give you a quote that includes port fees etc and delivery to your premises.
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    With C&F/CIF terms the freight rate is often discounted to Port and you will usually receive substantial UK costs on arrival 9Sometimes a kickback goes back to China.

    Will almost always be cheaper to buy on FOB terms and get a couple of quotes from reputable UK forwarders.
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    My wife, who used to buy materials and parts across Planet Earth, assures me that the cheapest and best way to get goods from China to somewhere in Europe, is to do the whole thing from soup to nuts via a reputable forwarding agent.
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    And she is 100% right :)

    A company like Woodland Global will give a door to door quote so there won't be any surprises.

    That $150 is peanuts compared to all the costs OP will face at the UK side.
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    It depends if you are buying LCL (part container) or FCL (full container).

    For LCL, most factories in China will add an excess for FOB, so in this instance, use a UK FF for a door to door shipment. It might not be the cheapest, but will have all costs covered.

    For FCL, get an FOB quote from your supplier and arrange Sea Freight/UK Clearance/Delivery via a UK Forwarder.

    For LCL, you should also consider the train route as this is often cheaper than going by sea. (Door to door - all costs included). Not all products are allowed by train.
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    Bit late to the party on this one but as above $150 does not cover everything at port so is certainly quoted as C&F/CIF. This will likely leave with huge charges this side to be collected from the UK agent which will get kicked back to China for the shortfall in payment that side.

    Speak to a UK freight forwarder for either an ex-works or FOB rate. You'll then have the benefit of knowing what you'll be paying prior to arranging and getting stuck with unexpected costs.
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