From #9 on Google to #1 in 3 months for just over £250

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    I've been working in website maintenance and search engine optimisation since 2002.

    A few months ago I was given a referral from a client to a friend of theirs who operates as a personal trainer and was disappointed that their website was at the bottom of page one of google for their best search term.

    I'm not like a normal agency that gets clients to commit to a budget of x thousands of pounds per month. I simply charge for the time utilised by the client each month. So, in the personal trainer example that I've mentioned, over the next three months I ran all of the necessary analysis (both for site structure and competitors websites) and talked the client through the changes that they needed to make to their website. They were able to log in to the website and make many of the changes themselves - they just didn't know what to change.

    Now they are number one on Google for their best search term (Google UK National and Local searches) and also a few others. My total invoicing to them is just over £250.

    *** Special Offer for UKBF Members/Visitors Only ***

    If you want a bit of help and guidance with your Google positions - get in touch. I'm not offering this service anywhere else. Most of my work for SEO campaigns falls into these areas:
    • website & competitor analysis
    • keyword and competitor research
    • prioritising the most valuable keywords/phrases
    • setup position tracking to monitor progress for both desktop and mobile devices on Google
    • advise on landing pages for secondary keywords
    • setup and improve relationship with Google Search Console
    • specify the on-page SEO factors necessary to keep Dr Google happy
    • offsite link building

    Please get in touch by sending me a pm through UKBF.
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