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Discussion in 'International Business' started by mpollard, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. mpollard

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    I am looking for a little advice and I wonder if anyone can help. I currently import a lot of items from the US from several different suppliers - anything from one 20kg box to a couple of pallets in one shipment. I get really good quotes for shipping from some of our suppliers and not so great for others.

    What I would like to do, if it is possible is to have my shipments sent to a freight forwarder in the US for them to collect a larger shipment to then ship them all to me in one go rather than lots of smaller shipments from my suppliers. Does this make sense? I have contacted a couple of companies but I haven't had a reply so I wondered if this idea I have is actually something that is practiced so to speak?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.
    Posted: Sep 3, 2014 By: mpollard Member since: Mar 30, 2013
  2. JaneRG

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    We've used our freight forwarder to consolidate shipments from different US suppliers, and yes it does make sense. You may have to pay warehousing fees if stuff is sitting around for a while, but you'll probably save on the shipping overheads, and won't have to pay supplier mark ups, and you'll reduce the import paperwork.

    If you haven't already tried them, I recommend Woodland Group - they have a good US operation and from my experience, they look after small businesses better than some of the bigger forwarders do. Disclaimer: I'm not associated with them in any way, other than as a customer. (I liked them so much that I took them with me when I moved jobs a few years ago!).

    Hope that helps,
    Posted: Sep 4, 2014 By: JaneRG Member since: Sep 4, 2014
  3. SouthernBusiness

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    Thanks, I was recommended but after hearing it wasn't huge parcels. I was just ignored :(
    Posted: Sep 11, 2014 By: SouthernBusiness Member since: Dec 1, 2007
  4. dave1978

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    Hi Matt,

    Yes this is possible and we would be more than happy to help if required - I have a agent in USA who can receive or collect shipments and consolidate if required.

    If you need more details please let me know.


    David Allen
    Posted: Sep 11, 2014 By: dave1978 Member since: Jan 15, 2014
  5. Import Expert

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    As above, there is no problem consolidating shipments and this is something we do for many of our clients. Just bear in mind timings - Try and get them delivered in around the same time, to avoid any unnecessary storage costs.

    Jane RG - Glad we are doing a good job for you! Thankyou.
    Posted: Oct 6, 2014 By: Import Expert Member since: Feb 1, 2012
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