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    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a pallet of goods from China. This would be going from Ningbo port and I would like to have it shipped direct to my workshop.

    I've been given an estimate of 1.32CBM and 130kg. If anyone could recommend a FF who could give a quote I'd appreciate it. I'd also be interested to know what the cost would be for double the weight/volume to see if this makes the order more profitable.

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    Afternoon Twalsh,

    So the questions an FF will ask you is for the following as sizes vary when customers say a pallet or pallets when shipping.

    1. Total KG (This must include the weight of the pallet?
    2. Correct dimensions of the pallet L x W x H in centimetres?
    3. Full address inc ZIP CODE in China & full UK postal code for delivery purposes.

    Once they have the following information than FF's or shipping companies then can quote on this for you.


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    You can ask your supplier to quote, usually many suppliers have long-term relationship with some forwarders and if the supplier treat you like a promising client, they won't over-charge you for the shipping cost, as they want you to make money so order more in future.
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    Personally I would be very wary of supplier quotes unless they are to your door. most are CIF and you then get landed with large port charges on part loads. Get some quotes and don't necessarily go with the cheapest - go with the one you feel will look after you and which is transparent.
    Any proper forwarder will also need to know the nature of the goods. This is very important as some goods need to be handled in certain ways and incur surcharges- for instance if it contains hazardous cargo such as batteries - you don't want to be stung further down the line!
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    If you are buying on FOB terms then you would be looking at something like £140 plus Duty/VAT to UK door. (Minimum is usually based on 2 cubic metres).
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