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Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by Tigris, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. Tigris

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    Hi there,

    In the US it seems you can use Google voice to generate a phone number with a local area code and have it forwarded to your mobile phone.

    Is there anyway you can do this for free in the UK or even have your landline number forwarded to your mobile?

    Thank you
    Posted: Jul 15, 2021 By: Tigris Member since: Apr 30, 2018
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  2. cjd

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    Yes, you can get a landline number and divert calls from it to your mobile.

    From us it's £3 per month and a divert to a mobile is 7p per minute. No contract.

    I believe it's possible to get a free number but you'll then pay more for the divert.

    Anyway, this is how we do it:
    Posted: Jul 15, 2021 By: cjd Member since: Nov 23, 2005
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  3. WaveJumper

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    Well I have just been looking at this as I thought this was still not available in the UK but apparently:

    "Google Voice has quietly arrived in Gmail in the UK, sidling into your inbox and letting you make phone calls to mobiles and landlines. Google Voice has quietly arrived in Gmail, sidling into your inbox to deliver a blow to Skype. You can now make phone calls to mobiles and landlines from Gmail on your computer"

    I don't think you get the free number but you get lots of other functions so it might be worth you checking out
    Posted: Jul 15, 2021 By: WaveJumper Member since: Aug 26, 2013
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  4. cjd

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    You'll find that most VoIP providers will pack a pile of features into their numbers - voice mail, voicemail to email, conferencing, mobile apps etc. Obviously you can also answer the calls directly for free using a free softphone or a hardware desk phone and only divert when you need to. We have a app that knows where you are and automatically diverts to and from your desk phone and mobile as you move around.
    Posted: Jul 15, 2021 By: cjd Member since: Nov 23, 2005
  5. SEO Developer

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    Very useful thread


    "Voice is for Google Workspace customers only"

    "Google's powerful AI filters ..... transcribes voicemail automatically"
    Posted: Jul 15, 2021 By: SEO Developer Member since: Jun 8, 2021
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  6. Paul Kelly ICHYB

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    Totally free, I don't think so, but if you are a member of certain business groups, you can get a free number and divert calls fro free!
    Posted: Jul 16, 2021 By: Paul Kelly ICHYB Member since: Jan 21, 2008
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  7. shopomatix

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    I have used this and its been available for many years there are many freephone number providers that allow you to divert to a mobile
    Posted: Jul 22, 2021 By: shopomatix Member since: Jul 21, 2021
  8. japancool

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    Why divert when you can just get a voip number, a softphone client on your phone and have it ring on your mobile without paying the cost of a divert?
    Posted: Jul 22, 2021 By: japancool Member since: Jul 11, 2013
  9. cjd

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    The only reason really is availability of 4G mobile signal, but these days it's pretty good.
    Posted: Jul 22, 2021 By: cjd Member since: Nov 23, 2005
  10. Ozzy

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    I discontinued my home phone line about 2 years ago when I got 1GB fibre to the house (Gigaclear) and not missed having a phone at all. Most of my "phone calls" are now through FaceTime or Teams these days, with about 2-3 calls a month to my mobile number. Even the business doesn't have a phone line any more, it has a phone number but that comes into Teams as does my direct dial number.
    True about the mobile coverage that @cjd mentions, there has been a few occasional times where the bandwidth on 3G didn't quite cut it (I switch to 3G when in London as it's better than 4G!)
    Posted: Jul 23, 2021 By: Ozzy Member since: Feb 9, 2003
  11. Karimbo

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    The problem with Gmail is that they'll introduce services out of nowhere and then withdraw services out of nowhere too.

    Might be OK to use as a test business. Not for permanent business.
    Posted: Sep 24, 2021 By: Karimbo Member since: Nov 5, 2011