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    I’m looking for a few people who’d like some help getting their finances in shape. I’m training to be a Financial Coach, so the session will be completely free of charge …. and hopefully a big help to both of us!

    My background is with the Financial Ombudsman Service, and I’m now completing my training as a Financial Coach. My next step is to get some practice with real people!

    We can focus on any area of personal finance you like. That could be buying a house, pensions, saving for a rainy day, improving your day to day budgeting, or anything else.

    I’ll then prepare some initial thoughts on what you should be focussing on, and how you could improve your financial future.

    Coaching sessions are usually done via video call, or simply over the phone.

    Message me if you’re interested and I’d be delighted to arrange a chat. Even if it's not for you, please feel free to pass on the message to anyone else you know who might benefit.

    Best wishes

    Richard Love
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