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    Apologies if this seems a little blunt.....but all I can say is it almost makes me want to go...."so what".

    I don't know who Darren Taylor is, nor do I particularly care.

    There is nothing in here that makes me think Iconic has something amazing to offer or is going to be the key to unlocking more sales.

    If I was to try and glean from this what exactly I'd get from signing up to a franchise with you rather than investing in the equipment and training myself, then going it alone, I'd come up with nothing. Other than the laziness of getting a business in a box. It's not a recognised brand, I can't see how it's going to make people choose me for window cleaning without me still having to market myself, and that's the difference.

    Take a different scenario - a Subway opens up in your town. People know what subway is, they know what they sell, they know that they like it (if they like it!) and so certain days of the week they will choose to go there instead of their usual sandwich shop or other chain, because they fancy a subway.

    I can't see anybody saying "ooh Iconic window cleaning is now available in my town, think I'll sack my current window cleaner and get them in". Which means you're still going to have to tout about, sell yourself, drive new business.....all of which you could do without an Iconic franchise.

    Or if there is something the franchise can do, then that booklet isn't explaining it to me.
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    Thanks for letting me know! :)
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    I don't know why it's flagging it as such but it's definitely worth getting sorted.
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    This franchise offer, on a new franchise is more a training and supply type package, with no customer base. There are alternatives, even in window cleaning that offer a set number of clients as well.

    I concur completely with the point of no brand recognition, which surely is a franchises number one selling point?
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    Malwarebytes seems to be happy with it
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    I do not see any commitment to marketing - other than just 5,000 leaflets and a bit of PPC.
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    A good franchise needs to be something different that can only be operated with specialist training and equipment or has a good USP or an operating system that is far better or more profitable than anything close to it. With a bit of nouse and a couple of grand anyone could be up and running and earning within a couple of days. As mentioned, why Iconic and not Porthole Petes. You need to be different and basically it's just a window cleaning round, which can be bought and sold like a second hand car.
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