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Franchise advice

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by pobby, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. pobby

    pobby UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Not been here for many years. I am now retired and although blessed with an adequate income I am bored. So thinking about a part time franchise.

    Years ago I had 2 franchise. Franchise one a waste of money run by a dodgy individual. Franchise 2 my wife ran. It at least made a profit until the market change. My background is business to business selling but to be honest I would like something a little less demanding.

    My goals are to get out a bit and I am toying with a vending machine round. Investment I have seen is about the 4 thousand mark. The key is that I do not need to make a great deal of money. After expenses 100 to 150 pound a week is fine by me.

    Any comments, experiences or other suggestions would be very gratefully recieved.
    Posted: Dec 12, 2016 By: pobby Member since: Aug 12, 2011
  2. TheGaffer

    TheGaffer UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Take a look at or and see if there is availability in your area.

    I know a guy who started this after he retired and is doing really well, as well as raising money for charity.
    Posted: Dec 12, 2016 By: TheGaffer Member since: Sep 28, 2016
  3. pobby

    pobby UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Thanks for that.
    Posted: Dec 12, 2016 By: pobby Member since: Aug 12, 2011
  4. columbo

    columbo UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Posted: Dec 12, 2016 By: columbo Member since: Jan 27, 2013
  5. Richard Pakey

    Richard Pakey Guest

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    Just sent a PM I think! I know of something in the East if you are located there?
    Posted: Dec 21, 2016 By: Richard Pakey Member since: Jan 1, 1970
  6. morby

    morby UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Sorry too bring up an old post, I have a product that I want too get into vending machines can any off you guys point me in the correct direction please
    Posted: Mar 13, 2017 By: morby Member since: Jun 17, 2011