fitness class business model advice - purpose built facility vs franchise

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Which do you feel is a better/more profitable business...

  1. Franchised fitness class (e.g. Zumba)

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  2. Purpose built facility (e.g. cross fit)

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  1. Mnemz

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    I’m new to this forum and the start up/business scene so would love any advice.

    I’ve got an idea for a new fitness class and was wondering where I should start? It involves some equipment but nothing too big that can’t be packed away after each session (no more difficult than bikes or yoga mats and a cost in between the two) but would be so much better in a purpose built facility (the equipment would be much better quality as we wouldn’t need to pack up etc each time). A fair bit of work is needed for videos that would accompany the classes so sadly wouldn’t worth my time to aim small and local (albeit a good starting point!)

    From a business model perspective what do you think a better idea? Designing a class and selling the idea and equipment to instructors, or running our own classes in a purpose ‘built’ facility (nothing more than a big hall would be needed plus our equipment).

    If anyone has tips or advice on setting up a fitness business more generally it would be much appreciated. I’m not sure what insurance or qualifications are needed and am at the very very early stages of deciding my business model. Thank you!!!
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  2. ethical PR

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    Surely the easiest thing to do is go and teach the class at someone's facility. This is what the vast majority of fitness instructors do.

    I haven't been taught by a fitness instructor that doesn't have qualifications.

    What you would need would depend on what you are teaching,.

    Liability insurance at a minimum

    Have a search via Google you will find lots of resources on setting up your own business/personal fitness business.
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  3. Mr D

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    Selling the idea and equipment to instructors - the place they do it in would be their concern. And would presumably be local to them.

    Running your own classes would be a start - much harder to sell an idea if you cannot prove success. And you may well find some of the people you show the idea to will go off and do it anyway including in your local area. As more than a few fitness instructors have found.

    Franchise - perhaps a long way from that point. First prove your idea by doing it. Then see what you need to do to sell it in whatever form.
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  4. k3n7

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    It sounds a little similar to the F45 set up.
    Class designed and set up, minimal equipment which can be put to one side - all sold together in a franchise package ?
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    Do you have any experience in the industry and do you have coaching experience ?
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