Finance Office in UK for Company trading overseas

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    Hi Everyone! I really need your help, just trying to understand the process of starting a company in UK.
    Company's main activity: finance hub, so will be used only as a finance transition office, money coming in from overseas into UK bank account, and money coming out from that bank account to pay someone(supplier's etc). So the Company itself will not be producing any products, will not have any physical stock. The only Company will have is a bank account and transactions in/out.
    The Company in UK will obviously relate to another Company abroad which deals with retail.
    Is it possible to create in UK? what type of Company it should be? Probably banks have some regulations in place and limits on such types of transaction.
    Could someone please, assisst with this question. Thank you very much for yiour help. Any thought or opinion is much appreciated.
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    I really need someone's advice on my post below, please. I know that the post itself is a bit of a mixture and possibly not very well written as I am not entirely sure myself hoe this office will look like. But at least you can point me in any direction. Anything really: case studies, other forums, FAQ, anything.
    Thank you in advance.
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    It sounds like your company could be an agent for the offshore company. Read about agent and principal. The UK company needs to take a commission on arm's length principles and this will be the company's income .
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