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Nov 16, 2012
Hi Everyone,

My employer has recently come under scrutiny from one of its clients about the work which we do. They are going back through jobs we have done to look for items that we have not charged to their customers on their behalf.

As a result they dug up a missed minor charge from a job I completed.

Since this scrutiny from the client - my immediate managers have sent out a swathe of emails saying that failure to charge for things will result in action - you will receive a letter of concern etc.

Regarding this one I missed from over 2 months back (£25) my immediate manager arrived to my location where I was working two weeks ago - and in front of several other employees who are not privy to the situation with the client - broadcast that I was to get a File Note. I could either sign it or go to disciplinary 'make your mind up'...

I was afforded no privacy.. No questions as to why I missed the charge (and there are reasons), no discussion as to my conduct moving forwards - sign or don't and it will go to disciplinary.. In front of my colleagues who are all now aware I have a file note..

I wrote my name - and did not sign it. It was not even dated so I took a photo of it.

It states the main reason as being despite numerous email comms regarding this account I have still failed to charge for this item.

The emails in question are after the incident by two months almost.

There are no emails before the incident - I have checked...

I feel bullied... He even said this was for show for the client to show we are dealing with the matter!!

I have gathered a witness statement from a fellow colleague who heard the whole thing...

What are my options? Apart from finding another job - this clearly doesn't feel right and I am now constantly stressed and anxious as to what are they going to concoct next 'for show'.

I make very few mistakes - when I do they are usually for good reason and my accuracy is well documented.


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Aug 7, 2016
You could make a formal grievance. But you'll need to be prepared for things getting worse (it's not supposed to happen, but it does).

You could accept the file note and actively search for another job if that's what you want.
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Nov 8, 2012
You can ask for your comments about the file note to be placed on file as well. You can't appeal against it as this is not a disciplinary warning.

Get your version on the file and move on with your life.
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