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    Hi All

    We are looking for feedback on our new platform it's currently in BETA. It makes it easy to get & manage quotes from any supplier, contractor or provider FREE, saving you time and money.

    Perhaps we can return the favor by providing some feedback on your service/product. Would also be happy to provide our paid for advance procurement services to anyone who can provide us some constructive useful feedback.

    If anyone has the right skillset and can really help us to launch and grow the platform we would also consider offering you a share in the company.

    Our service is targeted at the services sector where there is inadequate transparency in pricing & availability. The platform can also be used for materials, high-value items (not FMCG’s), Hiring of things like Plant and Machinery as well as disposing of Assets.

    The portal can be used in so many ways by consumers and businesses. Perhaps you can help us to evaluate the low hanging fruit, the areas we should focus on to demonstrate the capability/usefulness of the portal.

    We have put together 4 different examples of how it could be used

    But you can use it from anything from organising a party, organising a wedding, building works to selling your car.


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