Feedback taken, website updated. Are you loving it?

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  1. Alan

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    Have you sold any?

    What was your customer feedback on your marketing channels?
    Posted: Apr 24, 2020 By: Alan Member since: Aug 16, 2011
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    Thank you for the feedbacks. I have replied all in 1 message. I hope you all get it, not sure if this is the best way to respond, but.

    David said - I just don't get it? Why do I want, or need a wristband that vibrates??

    Response: You want it because it can help you improve your life by helping you to control your thoughts. Through both mindfulness and focus repetition (which means, repeatedly taking a conscious action at regular intervals in order to make a desired behaviour change). Its a personal development tool in my eyes.

    Fisicx - No matter how good the site, the product itself is pointless.

    Response: It saves a problem our human brain has, I personally use it to improve my mental wellbeing through gratitude and to improve my productivity with visualisation and affirmation, but mostly I use it to remind me to take a conscious breath, which gets me out of my mind (past and future) into the NOW, where there is no problems.

    “iffy content full of unsubstantiated claims.” Do you mean the bit about our subconscious mind not knowing the difference between imagined and real? I guess you do.. I can add examples of experiments about this, e.g. tests were done on musicians for example, those that imagined playing piano improve, is the narrative. Its why athletes use visualisation. Good point, thank you. I will add it.

    Alan 1302 - What changed?

    Answer: A lot of the text I re wrote or re placed in a different place making it easier to read and understand. IMO

    I made it into 3 categories, 1. mindfulness, 2. focus-repetition (which is my brand of personal development), And 3. Examples. So simplified, relatively speaking.

    UKSBD - Excellent, and thank you for your constructive feedback. ‘The links to internal pages are unclear’, I guess you mean the ones on the home page where the link is just a bit of text. I will have a think, not sure how to avoid that. I could make the link text a bigger font… or make it a button, or maybe just write the words click here.

    I will also take your advice about adding the box onto the photo section.

    “It needs the right people seen wearing it”. - yes i'm also feeling an influencer is a good idea for a product like this. Thank you.

    I have lots to do, luckily I have my mindWatch for productivity! :-D ... "I am just the sort of person that gets things done!" Says to self. Thank you people, have a nice day.
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    What about Alan's question:
    And it's still a wix site.
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    It will never work while the site is so slow

    I click a link, nothing happens so I click another one and end up missing what I consider the nicest page (Mindfulness Reminder)

    The links in the top nav menu don't make sense (the drop down being in Home especially)
    The Buy Now, Home and Support links/button are wasting space where a link to information (the Mindfulness Reminder and Focus Repetition) pages could be

    I assume it being out of focus initially is intentional, but it looks bad too me (maybe because site is so slow

    the Mindfulness - Focus-Repetition - Examples section on home page just isn't clear enough (I scrolled down without even noticing the links)

    Need to see a few photos of good looking models and trendy looking people wearing it
    Surf guys/girls wearing their leather bracelets on the beach, slipping on their Mind watch when going out for the evening.

    Until the site is faster though - nothing will be any good
    Posted: Apr 28, 2020 By: UKSBD Member since: Dec 30, 2005
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    The site still takes 5-7 seconds even on super fast fibre to load, painfully slow.

    You are still not conveying the message enough to make most people want to buy the product. I don’t think seeing the watch in a box sells anything, it would be better pictured on a wrist if nothing else.

    It might lend itself to YouTube embedded advert to try and sell it better, with truthful case studies if you have any. Lastly, and don’t be offended, but your picture makes you look like a spiv from WW2.

    The products not for myself, but anything can be sold to some people, but the messaging is just so vague it misses the target IMO.
    Posted: Apr 29, 2020 By: MBE2017 Member since: Feb 16, 2017
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    It's wix. It all depends on your location, time of day and the number of pigeons on the windowsill. Completely random. Another good reason not to use wix.
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    Possibly, but never see it on other websites. Just ran four speed tests and averaged 75.4Mbps download.

    Best of luck.
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  9. Paul Musgrove

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    The website sold the first one yesterday, and yes I did a little dance! Thanks for all the feedbacks! Hopefully she goes on to transform her life.

    At the moment my thinking is I will move it off of wix once I'm happy with the text and the layout, assuming it's selling enough to justify the spend. Wix is good at the moment b'cos I can change it all myself so its cheap.. but I do think wix have an issue with load speed, but not all the time. The images are like 4kb - 14kb so tiny. I don't think there is anything else I can do.

    My thinking is I hope people will give my website a little bit more time to load, because it is not just giving you the price of fish, this is a product with the capacity to transform your life. Of which cannot be purchased elsewhere. But I will see the bounce rate when I've had sufficient visitors.

    Marketing it is my next focus. I'm looking at facebook currently as I can target a very specific group with specific targeted adverts, and from there they click through to my website, but that costs money per click and I'm going to be experimenting on a budget. So I'm now also thinking about getting some affiliates to promote it, or influencers, and then they can get a commission after the sale if someone comes via their referral. I'm guessing this exists and I will need to look into it... Someone can rate that as an idea if you like. Or if you know any info about it you think might be useful.

    But right now I'm looking at facebook. Thinking about maybe doing a press release too.. And will probably add it to amazon etc after lockdown.

    I'm sort of making it up as I go along if you haven't guessed already. But I enjoy it, and I'm learning new things.

    I don't expect they will be easy to sell, but I'm keen because I believe in the product and the power of focus-rep. It works for me so I know it will work for other people.

    I've found it hard to explain what is essentially a simple product. But, for those that can remember my first draft website, this is a big improvement, and its the best I can come up with at the moment.

    UKSBD - I like your thinking about the links at the top of the nav menu, I agree they will look better instead of support and home and BUY NOW. I am going to try to do this, wix permitting.

    And I second the good looking models too that would be nice. I also feel the home page needs people in. Other than my own photo, which is my best suit I should add, re. MBE2017's comment :-D. Its an old photo too I have to confess.

    1st target market is people into Mindfulness and meditators. Possibly all the talk on my website about focus-repetition confuses that message, but the product is multi purpose.

    I may update the top of the home page when I have a better idea for it.

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, much appreciated, have a nice day.

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  10. fisicx

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    Wordpress is free. No cost at all. And just as simple as wix to use.

    If you plan to market through facebook you need to rethink the whole site. People will want the lifestyle not the watch.
    Posted: Apr 29, 2020 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
  11. Paul Musgrove

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    Ok thanks, I will look into wordpress, as long as i dont have to code anything and I can do it without having to do lengthy course.

    The lifestyle thing I like the idea of.. a lady who has mastered her mind with the watch, ebracing the fruits of life.. maybe in yoga pants or on a beach.. or something.
    Posted: Apr 30, 2020 By: Paul Musgrove Member since: Oct 3, 2019
  12. Simon-TP

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    I can't see a telephone number on there - what if I have some questions? The copyright year needs updating (could be automated via a plugin if Wix has one).

    I think you need to have a clear demonstration of the product. To me, when I look at it I see a FitBit and as such I'm expecting it to have an LED screen. I can see the number '5' on one of the images but not on the homepage images.

    Add the payment methods that you accept (in the header or footer) so that would-be buyers can easily see what methods they can use.

    I'm guessing that FitBit, Android, Apple wristbands/watches etc will have apps associated that carry out the same function ?
    Posted: Jun 2, 2020 By: Simon-TP Member since: May 5, 2020
  13. Paul Musgrove

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    RESPONSE: I will address this point too on the home page, I have answered it in the FAQ but they are now hidden away in the footer. And yes you can use a smartwatch but it isn't as effective for a number of reasons. Thank you Simon-TP, you've given some excellent suggestions, very much appreciated! Have yourself a great day. Paul
    Posted: Jun 2, 2020 By: Paul Musgrove Member since: Oct 3, 2019
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