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Fantastic new way to raise money for good causes

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by Jill Poet, Jun 21, 2011.

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    ...but a reduced profit (or even a loss).

    All the schemes seem to forget that the only way to continue to entice people to you your card is to offer something of value. That 'value' has to be paid for somehow and it usually means the product/service is offered at loss or below market value - either way the business is paying for the discount they are giving.


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    Originally Posted by Shirty Girl
    ...- I would be asking the business to provide a discount and in return they get free advertising via the card, a positive association with a local charity and, as a result, increased sales....

    The problem is firms are being hit by cold callers from 1 -25 times or more a day to support a charity or alleged good cause. If they have done so in the past they are by now well browned off by the fact that most charity organisers do not offer any sort of where your money went news service. The collectors normally keep a 40% stake. Also major newspapers write charity stories about poor conduct by charities every three months. Last month the Daily Mail, London, ran a story on how a donkey charity in Dorset collected £16 million last year, £16 MILLION to run a glorified small horse stables, and they mentioned how the RSPCA went to court to enforce an very old will which said 45 years ago : I John Doe, leave my 2 daughter £27 500. 00 each from the sale of my home, and want the balance to go to the RSPCA, 43 years later his house was NOW worth £450 000-00 (almost half-a-million pounds) and the RSPCA wanted and got almost the lot. Even the Judge said it was a disgrace and the RSPCA was wrong. So be warned by this in England and the USA, the word charity is a dirty word.
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