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    We would love you to join us for this intimate event in Bolton / Wigan for a max of 12 delegates (more likely less) teaching you how to create winning Facebook Ads. Yes there are many ‘social media’ Masterclasses out there, some are even free – but this is the only specialised training course in Lancashire that gives you an advanced skill set to go away and do it yourself exceptionally well.

    You are reading this because you likely fall into one of the following categories:

    • You are seeing your competitors getting loads of engagement on their posts while yours are getting none, and you think it may be because they are using paid ads (You’re right, they are!)
    • You have tried paid ads already, blown £50 on it, got nothing from it and given it up as a bad job
    • You are currently using paid ads, but have a sneaky suspicion you could be doing it better!
    • You are using paid ads and not yet convinced it’s really worth the money
    • You need your marketing team to start use Facebook Ads and this is the only course you could find in Lancashire for less than fifty quid, that wasn’t trying to up-sell you anything!
    Whichever category you fall into, this event will be great for you. I am so certain that you’ll leave raving about it, that if for any reason you go home feeling like you’ve wasted thirty quid – I will issue you a full refund, no quibble

    This event will run from 0930 – 12.30, includes all tea, coffee and refreshments as well as Cakes and Coffee at the 11am break.

    0930 – Arrival, registration, coffee and networking

    10-10.45am – Planning your Ad Campaign and Sales Funnels

    10.45-11.15 Coffee and Cake Break (yey!)

    11.15-12.15 – Setting up your Ads live demonstration

    12.30 – Goodbyes


    You can find it under the events tab on my website, which is in my profile - apparently Im STILL not at 30 posts, even though it feels like it so I cant post a link
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