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Hi All

Does anyone know if Facebook have an official guide to their Ads like Google Ads do? I've had a brief look but can see anything, would appreciate a point in the right direction or a link maybe.


Arif Chowdhury

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Sep 11, 2020
That's a problem with Facebook. They have little interaction with their customers. I have asked them several times a few years ago about an issue of the credit card. They never replied. As you can see, if you look on Facebook you won't find any useful info. Rather search in Google.

You ask a broad question. Type this keyword in Google "Facebook Ads Manual" "How to deal with Facebook Ads". Here you go, the answer is here.
Note: you could use Facebook Learning, however, if you face any problem, don't bother asking Facebook. They really don't care.
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Naheed Mir

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Aug 10, 2020
Yes, Facebook also has a complete and updated guideline to its Ads as Google Ads have. Facebook is also 7x cheaper than most of the social media ads channels. The guide has complete steps and lessons regarding paid ads campaigns. It also tells us about How to choose an audience for your ads and Budgeting and Analysis Strategies.
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