Experiences with Canddi?

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    We recently were contacted Canddi, a visitor tracking tool. I have put some research into it myself and I think it looks very positive.

    If there is anyone with experiences with Canddi or similar visitor tracking web tools that can discuss their experiences that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Only works if they visit from a business IP. Fred using his gmail account won’t give you anything useful.

    Depends on your marketing strategy but most tools of this type (there are many) aren’t that useful.
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    Thank you for this, very insightful.
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    I've had experience with a similar tool called Albacross.

    I find such tools are helpful to businesses that mainly use account-based marketing, especially in the b2b space.

    Some of them offer the ability to create filters such that you get companies or visitors that have shown more interest.
    E.g. have visited your website 2 or more times, visited certain pages, or spent a certain amount of time on your website or a combination of the above.
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  5. Andy Harris

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    As someone who owns a business (A1WebStats) that does what you're talking about (and more), here's the truth/recommendations:

    1. Think about what you would actually do when you know a company has been to your website. Don't assume you'll get the name of the person who visited - that's a very grey area and unlikely. In short, it's a company name and you have to do the legwork from that point onwards.

    2. If you have a process to follow up with any company visitors then take a few trials of different systems (Canddi are one, we are another, and there are others in the market).

    3. Follow up on the data you receive. If you get low companies tracked then it's probably not worth it for you (you'd have to compare the cost/commitment of the solution to what you would do with it/how you'd gain from it).

    4. Decide whether it'd cover it's costs and more - especially those that (wrongly, in my view) lock you into anything more than a month to month arrangement.

    5. Here's the big one - accept that at best, you'd only track maybe 10-20% of all your website visitors by identifiable company. Think about the other 80-90% of visitors (we are the only product that actually shows all those extra visits in our system) - chances are that many of them were company people but couldn't be tracked because of their IP or location (e.g. mobile, working from home) so you can't follow up anyway. The big recommendation is to use data intelligently - work out what you want more enquiries about and use analytics to refine those website visitors down to 'potentially useful' and compare them to enquiry levels. THEN focus on making your website/marketing stronger so that more companies proactively contact you instead of you having to chase them.

    Identification of companies is only as useful as you following up successfully so that you feel the cost pays for itself. It is though, only a tiny part of 'website success', and sometimes a distraction.

    This link is hopefully a useful way to think about data beyond 'chasing companies' - https://a1webstats.com/what-it-does/visiting-companies/stop-chasing-companies-start-gaining-enquiries/

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    Thanks for this. Lots of content for us to think about!
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