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    I have a large email marketing database that has been built over a number of years. The contacts have generally been added to the list via a soft opt-in method (e.g. a pre-ticked box). Over the past couple of years I have thinned this down by annually emailing out asking if people wish to stay on the list. Again, this has been a soft opt-in, in that it has asked that if someone wishes to be removed, they come back to me, else they stay on the list. All emails have an unsubscribe link.

    Under GDPR, I am changing this tick box to be not pre-filled, but do I need to email everyone and ask them to hard opt-in? I cannot prove where and when these people gave consent exactly, which makes me think I do, but if that is the case, am I personally likely to be receiving a billion and one emails from every website I've ever soft opted in to, asking me to stay? I can't imagine that is going to happen, so am unsure of exactly where I stand.
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    Well if in doubt you probably should.

    I recently did that to a list I was unsure of, guess exactly how many opted back in - zero.
    Fortunately email isn't an important part of my marketing strategy at the moment, but this will become a real issue for businesses that do rely on email marketing and are unsure ...
    Posted: Feb 28, 2018 By: Alan Member since: Aug 16, 2011
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