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Discussion in 'London & South East' started by KaiNo, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. KaiNo

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    Myself and several others are currently in the planning stages of an exhibition. I was wondering whether anyone has any experience in this area and any ideas on host much a venue would cost, capable of holding up to 1,000-1,500 people along with varies stands.

    Could anyone also provide me with important things to consider when organising such an event. If anyone more experienced than myself could assist me, it would be great appreciated.

    Posted: Oct 31, 2011 By: KaiNo Member since: Apr 29, 2011
  2. consultant

    consultant Your Business Community Staff Member

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    you need to supply more information - how many stands, would the 1500 people all be there at the same time, location, catering etc?

    As for cost, it really does depend - £3-10+ m2!
    Posted: Nov 29, 2011 By: consultant Member since: Jan 21, 2008
  3. alanjacks

    alanjacks UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Like consultant said, you need to supply us with a bit more information and then we can help you out. And is dead on with the cost front, it varies.
    Posted: Dec 7, 2011 By: alanjacks Member since: Jun 2, 2011
  4. DinomatronicsInc

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    Hi ,

    I have dinosaur animatronic costume. operated by puppeteer. same as walking with dinosaur, it might be good for you future exhibiton. I just started making it but movements are quite done already. also this can attract more visitor and can interact with adult and youngster.

    you can contact me if interested

    Posted: Dec 10, 2011 By: DinomatronicsInc Member since: Dec 10, 2011
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