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    I run an online dress boutique and overstocked certain styles, consequently I have 47 brand new dresses remaining. I can't continue to promote these on our site as we need to refresh the stock to retain interest of returning customers and our reach isn't (yet) that vast.

    These dresses are appropriate for balls, evening wear, functions and for weddings (either as bridesmaid dresses or as a guest). The dresses are all Australian designed and high quality with tags.

    I have 9 styles of varying sizes. The styles are all modern yet timeless.

    The dresses have a RRP from £65.95 up to £85.95. I am willing to sell these dresses for around £2000 ONO to ease up our cashflow, giving you a margin of roughly £23 to £43 per dress. This would be an especially good buy if you already have a physical store, an Amazon presence or online store with an existing customer base (ours is still in its infancy). They sell especially well to the ball crowd.

    The dresses are only available as a complete lot.

    Please contact me if you are interested, I will happily supply images and can meet in London to show you stock.

    Please note these cannot be shipped (unless you're willing to pay the costs of shipping from London) but I would happily deliver to you in London or you could collect.

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