EU market surveillance regulation 2019/102 starting July 16th 2021

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    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but it means that you'll require a EU person to be a representative in the EU if you sell CE marked products to the EU.

    It does say if you target your products towards customers in the EU in any way. I'm unsure if having a international/UK website that also offer shipping to EU customers will mean that you're targeting EU customers?
    But if you run any ads that also displays in the EU then I'd assume you're targeting the EU.

    What are you doing to prepare for this? Starting an EU company, or hiring a EU responsible person?
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    What will they do to you if you do not have one?
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    I can see the day when I offer EU representation to UK and US SMEs drawing closer and closer!
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    Customs can stop your packages from entering the EU. If you use a EU fulfillment service then they might stop providing services to you, as they would be responsible (they would be your responsible person) if you don't have another EU responsible person.

    Amazon can be your responsible person for FBA products for a fee, but not if you do FBM.

    If you ship CE marked products from the UK (or elsewhere) to the EU, then this is something you need to consider. I'm considering starting a EU company just for this. How do others plan to deal with it? Or is no one aware of this yet?
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