Ending a GTC eBay Listing And Sales History

Discussion in 'Websites & Ecommerce' started by danny156, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. danny156

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    There is some confusion in the office regarding eBay listings and sales history and I cannot find the answer anywhere ...

    We are a store seller so use GTC for all our listings but we want to change some information on the detail page

    If we end the listing and then relist what happens to the sales history and best match score ?? does it get lost or ...

    Someone said if we relist within 7 days we keep it but I cannot find clarification of this anywhere ?

    Also what happens if we change the custom label when we relist ?


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  2. cycloneuk

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    If you leave the title and condition alone then you can change anything else you like without the need to end and relist. The sales history will reset when you relist but you will keep your placement if you relist quickly providing you don't edit the title and or condition.
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