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    I know i should be going to a qualified professional and i will when drafting the relevant contracts, just looking for expected costs.

    My Business is no longer a Side hustle and i'll need to give my staff contracts and get certain insurances etc.

    What should i expect to pay on top of wages in general and is there any unexpected costs i should expect in general?

    I don't particularly want to give 0 hour contracts as i would very much like my staff to have the stability a contracted employment brings although a few of them are in favour due to the flexibility.

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    National insurance

    You will also be giving them 28 days holiday a year (so factor time off for that into the work they will do) and be a good idea to figure out in advance what sort of notice you will require for them leaving.
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    At the minimum these are typical costs to the employer for employing someone:
    • Gross wages
    • Employer pension contribution
    • Employer NI
    And potentially more, such as SSP, SMP, SPP, redundancy depending on the circumstance.
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