Employee off with 'work stress'

Discussion in 'Employment & HR' started by CitySlicker, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Wow, this is difficult. I think it's okay to investigate because she has been a long time liability to your company rather than an asset. I think it's a necessity to think about your business first more than anything else. I hope you to get to resolve this. You should hire someone who's got the same mindset like you.
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  2. AlwaysElysium

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    The reduced hours request can be solved by Job Sharing the post and a reasonable adjustment as the employee has requested reduced hours herself.

    Personal time and holidays are necessary to prevent the serious and potentially life threatening effects of severe, prolonged stress, about which not only an employee but a employer has a health and safety duty of care.

    Personal Facebook pictures of someone in their private life is an infringement of their privacy but also being happy is a work/life balance. You do not live to work, you work to live.

    To prevent stress a person needs a holiday break every 60 days or so from work.

    And your employee is showing obvious signs of stress, to which you have a duty of care as an employer.

    Considering disciplinary procedures for looking happy when away from work is bullying in the workplace, I am afraid, and a lack of understanding of human stress. It is absolutely vital that personal time with friends and a complete break from work on holiday is taken by workers, to prevent serious health negative outcomes.

    So solution:

    a) Job Share post

    b) Look into potential workplace bullying by her manager, because the symptoms described are those of victims of bullying.
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    Wow, like the idea!

    Productive people are not stress-free people, but they are those who respond rightly to stress no matter how pressure the demand of the work is.
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  4. AnneLou

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    Erm - reality check needed here! The employee has behaved like a prima-donna! Cant get her own way so goes "sick" with stress. Employer is running a business for gods sake - he's stressed everyday of his life but still shows up for work to keep everyone employed. Some people will just stay crap employees for the rest of their lives but why should employers be saddled with them just because some people chant the mantra "work to live"!

    Never mind job-share or bullying issues - she's behaved badly and the employer needs to be free of the burden. She's on stat sick so nothing you can do about that but you can manage her out of her post by following the correct procedure - make sure you do it right and you can then defend yourself if any further action is brought afterwards. I'm sure that you can easily pick up which forum members are clearly experts in their field and they will all likely tell you much the same path to follow. Due to her length of service, it is more difficult process but not impossible. You never know, some employees just need something to shake them up and set them on the right track - you taking action where you have a suspicion could be the catalyst!

    Good Luck.
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