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    It has been reported that email marketing is currently generating a 4,400% ROI for smart online marketers. One recent survey revealed, "Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter."

    Email is still the most essential means of online business communication and especially when it comes to generating leads and sales. However, many business owners still can't seem to make email marketing work for them as effectively as they should. That's mainly because they don't quite understand how the email spam filters work.

    Open rates below 25% and click trough rates below 2% for cold email campaigns are common. Whereas, providing the list is verified and the list comprises of permission based opt-ins you should expect well above 50% for open rates and as high as 20% or more for CTR. However, in order to generate a maximum response from email marketing, there are many variables to consider.

    What are they? Top UK copywriter Bill Knight reveals all in his new book, "Email Success by Design"

    In a recent statement Bill revealed, "Around 75% of my clients do not fully understand how to effectively create emails that will get passed the spam filters, engage their recipients and generate leads and sales. It's a sad fact that millions of emails are dumped every day without ever being read."

    He added, "That's the main reason why I wrote this latest book. I hope it helps everyone in business to dramatically increase leads and sales, exactly the way I do for all my clients."

    Bill has set up a special website to host information about his newly released book here:

    The book is being hailed as an 'Email Marketing Masterclass'

    For all enquiries, contact Bill Knight at: [email protected]
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