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Hi all... group wisdom required! :)

I spoke at a business expo last week and got the email address of attendees to the expo (not all of who saw me speak). As part of the T&C of registering they ticked to say it's okay to be emailed but we all know no one reads those. That means it's legal for me to email 'em but lots of them won't be engaged.

I'd like to send people an ebook and an invitation to sign up to my email list, rather than just adding them to my list, as a curtesy. However that initial email will probably have an awful delivery rate, unsubscribe rate etc...

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to send that initial email? I don't want that one email's bad response rate to screw up my "reputation" on MailerLite and/or Google etc...


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Sep 12, 2006
Do you just have an email address or do you know who they are, the company name, what they do etc?

Send me an ebook and an invite and it will be junked no matter how well crafted the message.

Curate a relationship with the attendees. Talk to them about the expo and share your experiences. If you get a response you have a warm lead. But you then need to find out if they are ever likely to have to present anything. If not then there is no point in getting them to sign up.
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I'd make it clear in the footer at minimum explaining why they're on the list - stops people pressing "Junk" because they don't remember.

Definitely agree with @fisicx about giving some shared experience about the event. People will engage then and feel like they're not getting a pure sales email
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I did this at a big marketing expo before the pandemic. 70% are still subscribed 2 years after the initial email I sent them. I said something like 'delighted you came to the talk etc...' and keep sending them useful stuff. However, although they are all happy to stay subscribed, I was extremely disappointed at buying rates.
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