Election Tweetchat - The Wish List That Gets The SME Vote : What You Want From The Parties!

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    Join us this Thursday, 30th April, between 11am and 12pm for our first Tweetchat, on the election, how it affects SMEs and what you want to see from the winning party (or parties!).

    Co-hosted by our newest benefit provider, Journolink (more to come on that!), we aim to highlight the real , not imagined , concerns of SMEs and what they would like to see from the politicians if they could wave “ a magic wand”. We want to expose the highest concerns and the wish list of small business.

    If you wish to join in, please ensure that you search for and use the hashtags #ybcuk and #JL.

    Below is an infographic highlighting each major party's key pledges to small businesses - are they right for you? Will they cause more grief than benefit? Have they missed something that affects you?

    What are your views on:

    • Minimum wage
    • Foreign / immigrant labour
    • Parental Leave entitlements
    • Access to and terms on Interns
    • Availability of Mentoring Services
    • Zero Hours contracts
    • Business loans/ Finance for Startups.
    • Home ownership/ Purchase for Start ups
    • Strict 30 day Payment terms for microbusiness
    Please join in with any relevant subject - who knows, maybe someone who might make a difference will be looking!

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Thread Status:
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