Effect on Google ranking of free and paid for Google search

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    I have Google Custom Search on my site (info on / selling aerials, poles, brackets, and clamps), it`s always been the free version, i.e. the one where sponsored adverts come up at the top of the listing. It`s been like that for years but just recently it has begun to concern me how many sales we could be losing with all these adverts for competitors products coming up on the search window. At first I wondered how much it`d cost to get the paid for version without the adverts, though finding that out isn`t actually easy, more and more companies don`t have phone numbers these days.....

    But, possibly more importantly, it also occurred to me that the fact Google can put their adverts on their search results off your site might improve your site`s ranking, is there any evidence for this theory ?
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  2. fisicx

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    No. It doesn't work like that. Google makes money from adverts. All your search box does is make more money for Google. There are zero benefits for your site. In fact using the Google Custom Search box makes you look like a DIY homemade site rather than the professional business you want to be.

    But as has been advised numerous times, the sooner you bite the bullet and switch to a modern CMS all your problems will be overcome.
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    Better switch to something like WordPress or OpenCart even or something SEO friendly close to that. How do you really want people use that custom search ? Stop using google custom search, better try to invest in the Google Adwords as well;)
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    See the Custom Search JSON API. 100 req/day are free.
    Posted: Aug 13, 2019 By: nexuser Member since: Aug 11, 2019
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    Which content management system do you use at the moment? If it's not Wordpress, that's the one I recommend. It offers a non-Google search feature out of the box, regardless of the theme you use, and it's infinitely customisable too.
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    Is there anyone noticed from June 2019 for the search clicks in paid and organic? My data clicks was down by 0% from June 1 to 15, 2019. The paid clicks has a massive decreased in organic listings.
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    If your website ranked on the top result in SERP it will help you to drill more traffic on your website.
    More traffic means more leads and conversion.

    If we using a Google Adwords and paid search ads it will be showing on the top of the SERP page but there is also competition, how much you bid for that particular keyword but user or visitors 1st click on the organic keywords.
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