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Discussion in 'Market Research' started by Tim Ford, Oct 1, 2017.

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    Good Afternoon All,

    Having spent the last 15 years working in eCommerce we have developed an in house application to handle all of our pricing, competitor and supplier analysis, i have now taken the decision to turn this in to a new startup and commercialise the application.

    The results of the software have been astronomical, in terms of conversion rates, sales and opportunity development. We have now developed a Minimal Viable Product.

    We are looking for a couple of people to complete our final testing stages and wondered if anyone might be in a position to assist, we have a few systems to easily allow data to be imported in, we will be able to provide data exported daily and also a great PowerBI Dashboard for analysis.

    We require UK eCommerce stores that have products with SKU or EAN numbers and fundamentally have competitors.

    One of the key benefits our the system is that we don't need to know anything about your competitors, once we have the product information everything else is taken care of.

    Would be great to hear from people, if you have any questions i would be more than happy to answer them.


    The application covers the following

    Multichannel Support - Utilise your product portfolio and channel variables to increase profits, opportunities and discover competitors.

    Price Optimisation - Dynamically manage prices across revenue streams, with specific business rules to price against competitors, increase margin and gain a variety of insights.

    Competitor Analysis
    - Find competitors you never knew you had, understand when they change there prices, analyse marketshare by competitor.

    Brand & Product Management - Manage brands and products from one location and gain 360 degree visibility on your market share.

    Supplier & Stock Management - Understand what your suppliers are selling discover opportunities that you never knew you had and optimise your product portfolio!

    Reporting & Business Analysis - Our complete suite of business tools allows you to make the right decisions and start seeing results from day one. Quickly identify competitors at revenue stream, brand or product level, get key insights at a click of a button!
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