EbonyBailey Marketing become Liverpool FC's newest signing!

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by ebonybailey, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Its no secret that we here at EbonyBailey are massive football fans, and we are buzzing with excitement with the newest addition to our client list.

    Unlike most we have finally cracked into the top 4 in the Premiership and are proud to announce that we have started working with LIVERPOOL FC.

    Over the next few weeks we expect to provide Liverpool with strong business opportunities , That we have full confidence in Liverpool closing. With such a strong history it is no wonder we are excited to work with the club and fully intend to offer the best possible service. Long may our relationship continue.

    **Update: the campaign is now almost complete and results have been amazing. Tom has already said that "results are better than we could have ever expected". I am sure it helps that Liverpool FC have such a strong fan base too. But we are very happy with the results so far, creating over 130 leads, and over 90 info requests which we expect 50% of which will also turn into business.
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    Well done


    Green Sheep
    Business Mobile Solutions
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  3. Shaun_Pearce

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    Well deserved Mike, well done.

    I'll become a possible lead when you take Chelsea on ;)

    All the best with this Mike I know you must have worked very hard to win this deal!

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  4. biomed86

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    Well done, this is good news :)
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  5. streetslocal

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    What were the leads?

    Calling Martin and seeing oneil and asking if he would be intrested in parting with Gareth Barry.

    I hate Liverpool,i hate rafa,i hate there owners...

    Clear rule breakers...

    Anyway good results on telemarketing.;)
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    Great stuff :)
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  7. nicola jane

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    Thats great news - and excellent campaign results!

    Its fantastic to hear positive news when quite often you only ever hear the down side of things on the forum.

    Keep up the good work :)
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  8. Simon@21c

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    Congratulations, I am a massive Liverpool fan so would love to be working with them in some capicity...

    All the best

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  9. 10 Yetis

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    Ebony... just being nosey but... what is it exactly you are doing for them?
    Obviously, as a life long Liverpool fan, I am intrigued.
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  10. sm1

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    I'm sure he said in another thread that it's mainly corporate stuff, like the corporate boxes if I remember correctly:|
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  11. ebonybailey

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    OK just so everyone knows I iwll no longer be posting new clients on the forums, it would seem that someone is trying to appraoch the clubs i work with and trying to win business of them, this is a free country and they have every right to do it, but i feel i have gien them a helping hand with making it clear that these sort of clubs do telemarketing. That said i think they dont stand a chance as we have all the experience and all the success with this area. So if you want to learn about who we are working with and our latest news please sign upto our newsletter.

    www.ebonybailey.co.uk - go to ocntact us page.

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