Ebay Selling Limits, The End Of Ebay Selling For Me

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Chr.is, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Chr.is

    Chr.is UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    In October 2010, eBay changed it's policy once again, this time it seems quite serious, for me anyway.

    I have already felt the wrath of Ebay, who have restricted my 9 year old, 100% positive feedback Ebay account to no more than 100 items in a 30 day period, I never used to sell much other than odds and ends until summer 2007 when I went full out.

    It is not just me, the internet is alive with reports on blogs and forums about these new eBay selling limits. It is not yet clear what effect this will have and exactly which sellers this will affect. If you read the eBay website it seems to suggest that these new selling limits should only affect sellers with new accounts with a selling history of less than 90 days.

    If you read the forums and blogs you will see stories from sellers who have been selling on eBay for the past 5-10 years and have thousands of positive feedback that are saying now eBay has put limits on the amount of items they can sell in a 30 day period.

    For people who make a living selling items on eBay, this policy has the potential to be devastating. With this new policy it will make it extremely difficult for new sellers to start a profitable eBay business.

    New sellers will be limited to 10 sales per 30 day period, until they establish a good selling history. It will take an awful long time to establish a selling history when you can only sell 10 items per month.

    This will certainly discourage many people from marketing their products on eBay, as it might take months or even years to establish enough selling history to make a decent living.

    New sellers are now limited to 10 items sold per 30 day period. The total amount of combined items sold and items listed can not exceed 10 items. Other sellers can expect a limit of 100 items sold per 30 day period. It is not clear exactly which sellers will be affected by these limits, but so far there are many reports from sellers that their accounts have been subjected to these limits iin South East Asia, Europe, USA and UK.

    Apparently these limits will increase once the seller has established a better selling history, however it may be impossible for sellers to acheive the ratings that eBay demands.

    Sellers from Asia have a severe disadvantage due to the detailed seller ratings. Sellers are given ratings for communication, item as described, shipping time and shipping charges. The problem is, when buyers buy items from overseas, they will never leave a good rating for shipping time and shipping charges because it will cost more and take longer than it would if they bought items from American sellers.

    It is actually possible to have your eBay account restricted or even suspended for poor customer satisfaction, even when you have 100% positive feedback.

    These new policies could spell then end for a lot of sellers, the sellers most likely to be affected are the sellers who sell lower cost items, replica items and counterfeit items. If these sellers are forced off eBay, you can expect the prices of many popular items to increase dramatically.

    The days of the amazing deals on eBay might have come to an end. It will no longer be possible for sellers to sell these low cost items in large enough quantity to make it worthwhile. The restrictions on the numbers of items sellers can sell, directly affect the amount of revenue eBay gets from final value fees.

    I am guessing that eBay share prices will drop and the prices of eBay items will increase to the point where there is no value shopping on eBay.

    Well it is not clear what they hope to achieve with this new policy, many people think they are shooting themselves in the foot. This might get rid of most of the scammers on eBay, unfortunately for every scammer that is removed, there will probably be 5-10 legit sellers that are also forced out.

    They clearly must realize that this is going to cost them money in the short term, and it will also present new opportunity for their competition. The have never really had any competition, but this might just open the door for a real competitor.

    There is a huge demand for low cost and counterfeit items, and if people can no longer find these items on eBay, they will look elsewhere. There are plenty of websites selling these items, but the problem is that buyers have been more comfortable purchasing these items on eBay, well if these items are no longer affordable on eBay,they will look elsewhere. This might just be an opportunity for sellers to market their product on their own websites.

    I think it was in 2008 eBay changed their feedback policy for sellers, now sellers can no longer leave honest feedback for buyers, but only positive feedback.

    Sellers immediately protested this new policy due to fears that many buyers would use this new policy to commit feedback extortion, or various other forms of buyer scams that sellers are faced with. Now over 2 years later, eBay seller's worst fears have been realized.

    Along with the feedback policy that took away seller's rights to leave honest feedback, the detailed seller rating was introduced. The detailed seller rating is broken into 4 categories : item as described, communication, shipping time, shipping charges. This policy is based on a 5 star rating system.

    On eBay a 4 star rating in any 1 of the 4 categories will almost certainly result in a suspension of a sellers account, possible seizure of the sellers funds and having those funds withheld for 180 days.

    The unbelievable truth is, that sellers can have hundreds of successful transactions, with 100% positive feedback, never receiving a negative rating, but 1 low DSR can result in the seller being suspended. The detailed seller rating was designed to improve customer satisfaction.

    I am thinking of moving away from Ebay to other less known auction websties. When I reach my Ebay limit I will have to list my other stock on Ioffer, Ebid, LovelyJubbly etc.

    Hopefully I will may be able to make profit on auction sites other than Ebay.
    Posted: Feb 5, 2011 By: Chr.is Member since: Jan 26, 2011
  2. johndon68

    johndon68 UKBF Big Shot Full Member - Verified Business

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    Is your eBay account a Personal or Business one? My understanding was that the 100 item limit applied only to personal accounts...

    Posted: Feb 5, 2011 By: johndon68 Member since: Nov 2, 2009
  3. brat42

    brat42 UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    eBay have a 100 items per month cap for a reason. If your selling more than 100 items a month, then you are a business and therefore should upgrade your eBay account to a business account and you then won't have the cap you currently have.
    Posted: Feb 5, 2011 By: brat42 Member since: Aug 16, 2009
  4. astutiumRob

    astutiumRob UKBF Ace Full Member - Verified Business

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    If you're offloading your household-junk, it's unlikely you'll be selling > 100 items per month.

    If you're "making a living" selling it's a trivial task to register on ebay as a "business" and the cap is removed. So the limitation really only impacts scammers and fraudsters.

    Getting rid of the fakes helps in "legitimising" ebay as an ecommerce platform.

    I thought that ended ~2006 !
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: astutiumRob Member since: May 5, 2004
  5. SillyJokes

    SillyJokes UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I can't see this as anything other than good news for other online retailers and ebay buyers.

    It's about time eBay did something about fraudsters, scammers, bad merchants and those who don't have a clue and sell too cheap.

    Obviously it really hurts some sellers who don't deserve it, but that's because it's so huge and has so many sellers at all levels. It would be impossible to design a solution that didn't. So I do feel for you but the bigger picture should mean a better eBay for all I would hope.

    I should think eBay are getting their business stung by amazon. As I know it's a price to the bottom with Amazon and they are watching over the merchants shoulders I always go there to buy stuff.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: SillyJokes Member since: Jul 26, 2004
  6. mconridge

    mconridge UKBF Enthusiast Full Member

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    Yep, couldn't agree more :)

    It's a good change which will have a benifit to people who trade on eBay, and will help eBay to portray itself as an online shopping venue (which it's now decided it wants to do) instead of an 'Online Car Boot Sale' (which it used to want to be).
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: mconridge Member since: Nov 22, 2006
  7. mconridge

    mconridge UKBF Enthusiast Full Member

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    :) If you are attempting to make a profit you are a business. Simply register as a business and you won't have any selling limits.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: mconridge Member since: Nov 22, 2006
  8. MH1

    MH1 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    As another ebay seller of many years I hope these buyers do go elsewhere, they are the cause of many problems, just as are the sellers like yourself who supply them.

    Why are ebay doing this? Because they will make a lot more money.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: MH1 Member since: Dec 27, 2007
  9. silvermusic

    silvermusic UKBF Ace Free Member

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    Too many fly-by-night's wanting to make money while pretending not to be a business on eBay. I'm quite happy they're making restrictions. Feedback, is a meaningless public figure, nothing more. The limited free listings for private sellers where a great way of shaking out those prentending not to be a business, one of eBay's master strokes. Those complaining the loudest normally have most to hide.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: silvermusic Member since: Nov 22, 2008
  10. Sky Racer

    Sky Racer UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Some Ebay policies are a little bonkers to say the least but there are no selling limits for business sellers. If you need to list 100+ items per month then change to a business account.

    There are too many sellers who clearly use Ebay to make a living yet still keep using a private account to list thier goods. Why ? what have they got to hide ?

    Any honest business seller will have a correctly registered business account and therefore no selling limits. Business sellers can also get discounts on listing and final value fees.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: Sky Racer Member since: Dec 27, 2010
  11. silvermusic

    silvermusic UKBF Ace Free Member

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    Why they do it should be obvious, they hope to do it cheaper and avoid the tax man plus all the regulations that a business has to abide by.
    Posted: Feb 6, 2011 By: silvermusic Member since: Nov 22, 2008
  12. Godders123

    Godders123 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Having read through this thread and taken on board other eBay members experiences and comments I feel impelled to give an account of my own experience and opinion.
    Firstly, with regards to the originator of this thread stating that eBay's seller capping policy would be detrimental to seller of counterfeit and replica items then surely this is positive news for the majority of eBay members. It goes without saying that sellers of replica/counterfeit items do not broadcast the fact that they are selling non-authentic items (eBay would pull any such listing) and therefore in the majority of cases the buyer would be paying for an item that they believe to be genuine when in fact it’s a fake.
    However, comments suggesting that sellers should avoid the 100 items per month cap by becoming a Business Seller, whilst in theory would seem valid and fair, but in practise is not so as I have recently found out. I have been a member on eBay since August 2003, and a business seller since January 2010. I became a business seller when I began sourcing and selling legitimate branded clothing. I have sold over 800 items since Jan 2009 and have in total 1900+ feedback (1100 accumulated over previous years), a 99.8% positive feedback rating, I’m a silver power seller, with ‘Above Average’ performance and a ‘High’ policy compliance. Despite constantly selling aware from 50-80 items per month over the last 14 months I have now been faced with a selling restriction that is in place with the aim of “preventing the sale of counterfeit and other unlawful goods”.
    I was notified totally out of the blue via a message as I tried to list an item, no prior warning of approaching a limit of any kind. The message advised that if I had a good standing record and met certain condition I would have a case for an appeal. It referred me to a help page that laid out the conditions to which I adhered to every single one. I contacted eBay’s customer services team who again reiterated that the selling restriction was in place to protect against the sale of counterfeit items and explained that the 30 day selling grace was to provide sufficient time for buyer feedback/ratings to be accumulated in order to establish my performance and the assessment of the goods that I sell. I reminded them that I had been selling the same product in the similar volumes for 14 months with near immaculate overall performance and met all appeal criteria but apparently this was insufficient to have the ban lifted. I then challenged eBay’s procedure that aims to defend against the sale of counterfeit goods. I offered to email across invoices from my supplier, an authorised and well renowned global dealer of branded clothing in order to prove that my goods were indeed authentic. To my dismay I was told that this was not accepted under eBay’s regulations! So seemingly eBay rely purely on buyers feedback in order to establish whether a seller is selling legitimate merchandise or not. Such is the quality of counterfeit goods being produced nowadays, in the majority of cases the average consumer is unaware that they have been passed fake goods. This system of identification is therefore flawed. However, despite being offered absolute proof in the form of invoices from an authorised dealer complete showing the very same contact details as I have registered with eBay, they would not even entertain this evidence.
    It goes without saying that my faith in eBay has considerably diminished. I now have my income frozen for 30 days. For those legitimate sellers that wish to make an honest living via eBay it seems that it is fraught with uncertainty. I was seriously considering investing further in my eBay business in order to increase my gains, however since it has become evident that I can have my income stream cut immediately, without warning, despite adhering to all eBay rules, and offering to provide absolute proof that my goods are authentic.
    Business sellers beware!!
    Posted: Mar 5, 2011 By: Godders123 Member since: Mar 5, 2011
  13. catchtheniche

    catchtheniche UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    No matter you are the business or individual your account can be still limited of different reasons. If you want to know the main reason you have to give exact fact such as: do you provide tracking number, what kind of products they are and so on... I can help you with that if you want.
    Posted: Mar 25, 2011 By: catchtheniche Member since: Mar 25, 2011
  14. Cornucopia

    Cornucopia UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hello, I am new to the forum and although I can see the last post on this thread was some time ago, I found it via a Google search and felt I had to reply. I am not a business seller on e-bay although a friend and I were about to start a business, however, we will be having a rethink now as I have today had restrictions placed on my account. I am a long term ebayer buying items for myself or my family and seller of personal items. I have had a huge clearout this week and listed a lot of stuff with no problems. This morning, when about to take advantage of the free listing weekend, I found myself restricted. An e-mail from e-bay told me that my account had been linked to somebody who was clearly operating outside acceptable parameters (even providing the user name) and I had to get in touch with them, which I did. The customer service helpline lady told me to e-mail "Trust and Safety" and explain that I had no connection with this person. I did this straight away. This evening, I have received a response which to me was completely unacceptable. Apparently, the restrictions are nothing to do with this "connected" account but they helpfully inform me that my account IS connected to this person (it is NOT). The restrictions are because they want to "help" me to build my business and "deal" with the volume. I am livid. I am not building a business for goodness sake, I am selling my own personal things, new and used. I had a baby recently and have sold bundles of clothes and presents that didn't get used. I have sold old bags, unwanted jewellery, shoes, boots etc. I actually think that they think I am buying and selling and am not a registered business user which isn't the case at all! I have written a fairly stiff e-mail to them but judging by responses on this thread I am not hopeful. I agree that ebay needed to clamp down on counterfeit goods etc but they are targetting the wrong people! As soon as my current listings have ended, I am closing my account. I would rather go through the hell of a car boot sale than this. I find the whole thing bizarre to say the least. I have been an e-bayer for around 10 years, have 100% feedback and occasionally have a burst of selling a lot of items. It is clear to anybody that it is not a business. Further, they seem unable to explain this link to another account, which is totally unacceptable to me. Surely that is a potential fraud issue? They have also completely sidestepped my questions about my personal information being compromised. I would just like a straight answer from them! I don't doubt that they have lost a lot of legitimate sellers via this policy. I would be grateful for any feedback and apologies for such a long post!
    Posted: Sep 17, 2011 By: Cornucopia Member since: Sep 17, 2011
  15. 18esot

    18esot UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    scammers? Im not a scammer and this limits are killing me I can not even start a bussines on ebay it's impossible...I spend so much time and energy to find real wholeseller products which are profitable, dropshipper planning everything and didn't even think about that site like ebay can offer you just limitations! I was so angry! Even if i bought online store they would limited me in my own store too! I have registered a bussines account I don't know if i did it right cuz the limits are still there....TERRIBLE! RIDICULOUS! Im very very disapointed. :mad:
    I must say that they didn't even list my products, when im trying to search for my products with the exact or similar name it doesn't found them...So I can not even see if selling this products is profitable enough to open a bussines account...They say it would takes some time to be listed but nothing....That's so stupid you can not even try...
    I would pay for bussines account or this store just to get rid off this limitations...Im a little bit tired of all this searches and readings, so can someone tell me how can I get this account to get rid of this limitations? 10 items per month?? More than RIDICULOOOUS...it's a SHAME for a website like this! I realy didn't expect that, didn't even think that such a stupid thing is even possible!

    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: 18esot Member since: Apr 21, 2012
  16. cholland

    cholland UKBF Regular Full Member

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    Have you tried contacting them? Id suggest calling as there online chat is not very helpful.

    Usually takes 24 hours to be put into their system and your shop - only on newer accounts though.
    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: cholland Member since: May 21, 2010
  17. Blade Printers

    Blade Printers UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    If your selling for profit on a regular basis you should have a business account - full stop. Anyone trying to trade heavily on a personal account will get noticed by ebay, or even HM customs who are now picking off the tax avoiders with the help of ebay.

    Good luck I say - makes ebay a level playing field.
    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: Blade Printers Member since: Mar 11, 2012
  18. TCCuk

    TCCuk UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I hate eBay for this, they control your business and if they don't like it they will simply just shut you down, I have read stories of people turning over tens of thousands of pounds one month, then they get a few bad feedback and then they get shut down and end up in debt.
    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: TCCuk Member since: Jan 30, 2012
  19. Judge_Joolz

    Judge_Joolz UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Hi All,

    I have a business account with a small (50+) 100 % feedback which I have not used for 6 months.

    I am now wanting to open an Ebay shop to extend a business partners non-Ebay business on-line selling an own branded product. It is not a product which would have 'fakes' or copies.

    We want to use the shop to build the ''brand' of 100 - 400 products, but do not want to be limited or have funds held for any length of time. We were going to create a new user with the brand identity name, build the shop with the brand identity etc, etc. I am now wondering if we might be better off using my existing business user account to build the branded shop. XYZ shop operated by 'existing account'.

    What do you think would be the best way to set up the shop to minimise the posibility of selling account problems?

    Best regards

    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: Judge_Joolz Member since: Oct 13, 2008
  20. Chris34

    Chris34 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    You will be fine to set up another account. You can have as many accounts as you like on Ebay but there has to be a good reason for having the extra accounts, you can't sell the same products on two different accounts.

    Remember though that Ebay and Paypal are the same company. Just make sure that the Ebay account is registered as a business account, the Paypal account is registered as a business account and that you yourself is registered either as a sole trader or a limited company.

    I've heard and seen all the horror stories but speaking from what I have seen it's usually a good reason for shutting somebody down. At first the seller will tell you that they did nothing wrong and ran the business legitimately but then you normally find out that they did something a bit naughty, but they don't tell you that bit :rolleyes:

    One key piece of advice though is to not have all your eggs in the Ebay basket. They can and will freeze your money in your Paypal account for anything up to about 2 weeks and will ask you to prove your goods are legitimate by supplying them with copies of invoices. Don't leave your money in the Paypal account, withdraw it regularly and certainly don't allow it to go above £1,000. It seems you are more likely to get a hold on the money if you have a fair bit in the account. Because of this risk you need to spread the business out over multiple sales channels (website, Amazon, bricks and mortar shop etc), then if you do get a hold on the money you won't like it but you also won't go bust overnight.

    Paypal will hold a percentage of your sales back, this is different from a total hold of your money. I think it's about 10% of your sales and the money is released once your buyer gives feedback or about 3 months expires. If they think you are high risk they will hold back a higher percentage. This is just to cover their own backsides if you decided to take everyones money and do a runner.

    Selling on Ebay is a necessary evil, just do everything as honestly as possible and set everything up correctly from the word go and you stand the best chance of success. Just don't get comfortable with them though ;)

    Posted: Apr 21, 2012 By: Chris34 Member since: Feb 3, 2009
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