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    I have a French registered ebay account and I am VAT registered in France with a UK company. My ebay invoice for the French ebay account is coming from Germany, has a German vat number on it, but the vat shows as 20%.

    This is confusing:

    1. If they are charging me from Germany why are they making me pay VAT?
    2. if the y make me pay VAT why is it not the German rate of 19%
    3. Why are they allowed to charge me from Germany when they have a physical presence in France.

    I want this VAT back on my ebay fees, but dont understand the situation. Normally I can only claim VAT back if the invoice is in the same country, right? And if they are billing me from Germany, it should be VAT exempt?
    Posted: Aug 8, 2019 By: RSR Fulfillment (FR & DE) Member since: Dec 8, 2017
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    Hey there!

    If you have been charged VAT from another EU country other than the EU country where you are VAT registered, you should be able to reclaim this VAT and as long as both businesses(your business) and the company that is charging you are VAT registered.


    Contact the Tax authorities of the country where you are VAT registered to understand the process of claiming a refund for VAT charged in another EU country.

    Hope that helps :)
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