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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a doing a research for e-commerce blog into deep tagging technology for
    clothing online stores. Could you please share your opinion on the technology?

    General overview
    Deep tagging extracts product features from the image content and describes each image with very detailed tags for it. For example, even a plain t-shirt can have so many characteristics such as style, sleeve, cut type, silhouette, textile finishing, textile pattern etc.

    The benefits I found out:
    1. After performing AI image tagging on a product catalog, all of the items can be described automatically with many textual details. It shall pop up in specific Google searches and drive traffic to the website.
    2. It provides a unique insight that can be used to display relevant product recommendations to the customers. In this way, customers browse an online store long enough, buy multiple items, and come back tomorrow.
    3. As a result, Average Order Value can potentially be 13% higher and website conversion rate could be X4 higher with this technology.

    Could you please share if you heard about it or implemented it for your online store.
    Do you think it's worth trying? If yes, what would you expect from it?
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