DutyFree items moves TR -> UK -> EU

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    Normally suppliers handles it as the volume of import to UK was large but now sending parcel to Eu will be smaller.

    In one shipment, we can send 1-2 boxes ( i think it was up to 30-35kg) without customs from Turkey to Eu. So someone can take the boxes to PTT post office or use another transport company to come and collect and they can delivery without requiring any custom declaration. I got a quo for 20-25kg box 70Eur from Istanbul to Germany with collection. PTT might be cheaper as they dont do collection, you have to take boxes to them. I havent got a quo for that yet.
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    So you have your own person there?

    The issues we're experiencing if we want to send from our supplier directly to the EU customers:
    1. Quality assurance - we normally do the QC here in THE UK
    2. Picking and packing just the EU orders (who will do that, how can we be sure it's right)
    3. When sending from Turkey, how do we make sure that it looks like it came from our company rather than the supplier when it's received by our customer in, say, Germany.
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    We do have someone there from the start checking all the items.
    You def need someone to check the parcels before they are dispatched. Anything can go wrong if you leave it to suppliers.
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