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    Dow Schofield Watts has launched a new specialist tax service in response to the increasing number of businesses and individuals involved in tax investigations and disputes.

    Each year, HMRC investigates hundreds of thousands of cases involving both individuals and businesses, ranging from simply checking an item on a tax return to a full-scale investigation. Being the subject of a tax enquiry can be highly stressful and the penalties for those found to have breached the rules can be severe.

    DSW Tax Resolution will be led by former HMRC Inspector and latterly ‘big 4’ advisor Phil Manley and will help clients who are the subject of action by the tax authorities or facing financial difficulties due to payment demands. He can support them through the enquiry process and negotiate settlements on their behalf.

    Philip and the team at DSW have years of experience in handling tax enquiries of all types and negotiating the best available outcome with the tax authorities. We have excellent relationships with our HMRC contacts and are therefore able to bring investigations to a suitable and speedy conclusion. DSW were founded by partners from the ‘big 4’ firms who have now come together with Philip to enable us to offer a big 4 level tax resolution service for less than half the price.

    As we concentrate our services purely on tax resolution we find that we can work particularly well with other tax advisors and accountants to help strengthen their ongoing relationships with their clients.

    A few of the areas in which we specialise include:

    • All HMRC enquiries.
    • APNs
    • Allegations of Tax Fraud (Cop 9)
    • HMRC Information Requests.
    • Discovery Notices.
    • Disclosures.
    • Penalties.
    • High Risk Corporate Programme.
    • Film Scheme Arrangements.
    • Contractor Loan arrangements.
    • Settlements.
    • Residency Issues.

    If you/your clients require our assistance or would just like an informal chat to discuss any ongoing HMRC issues, please contact Phil on 01928 378100 or 07986 984 089.

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