DPD Local Shipping ? Extended Liability Black Friday !

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by NEF, Nov 26, 2020.

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    I've been using DPD local shipping for around a year now, the service has been pretty good with only a few minor issues.

    This weekend they have stated they will only take a limited number of parcels now per collection around 15 per day after cyber monday until early January... which in itself isn't a big issue..

    My problem is I used to utilise the next day before 12 option which included £1000 cover, I also send high value items out which I could pay an extra £7 and get cover for items upto £5000 in value.

    During the above period they have removed this option and now do not offer the before 12 and £1000 shipments, although they allow next day and the extended liability option now for a small fee covers for £1000 ... but I have lost all cover for the £5000 shipments and no longer have this option till January I'm told.... which is absolutely no good for an online business during the black friday and christmas period that sells high value items...

    I can use RoyalMail Special delivery to cover upto £2500 value on items, but there is some weight limit restraints... I would prefer the option of £5k cover.

    My question being what other options do I have and are there any other courier services that offer this level of cover , without extortionate prices... ?

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    If you use an overnight carrier for items worth over 2K then you are probably only prepared to talk to me when it is too late ! :)
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    So use a backup service you have an account with or some large company that has contracts with dozens of couriers to get the service you require.
    Waiting until now to not have backup is ....
    May be next year now before someone else is willing to give you what they want. Unless they happen to have spare capacity at the busiest time of year with massively increased online ordering expected.
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