Domain ownership and hosting transfer process?

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    We operate the UK office for an italian company. Before we started out the head office had already registered a domain (with Godaddy) and it is hosted in Italy (for email purposes only, there isn't a website). Now they want to transfer ownership of the domain to our office and also have us manage our own email hosting. We would prefer to do this with UK2.NET rather than Godaddy.

    So regarding the process, how is ownership of a domain transferred? Does ownership have to be transferred before the domain can be transferred to a diferent host? How long does the process take? How do we minimise disruption to incoming emails while this all happens?

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    A is transferred by changing the "Tag", this is done by the existing registrar and changed to the tag of the new registrar.

    Transferring a domain and moving hosting are two separate steps and can be done independently.

    Moving hosting can be done by signing up to the host and then point the DNS at the new host or changing the nameservers to point at the new host.

    The time to change registrar is quick and can be done with a few hours. DNS / nameserver changes normally take 24 - 48 hours but can be quicker.

    I would setup the new hosting first, add in all the email accounts, then update the DNS / nameservers to point to the new hosting, once all working transfer the domain. You should have little to no downtime if you follow that methodology.

    Hope that helps,

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    Both as bad as each other. aren't a good choice of host.
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    I agree. UK2 seem OK at the moment, but I have multiple issues with email in the past. The used to be quite good a very long time ago.
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    Exactly what @jacobc says! .... If you are struggling with this then reach out to a local IT company, they can provide clarity and do this for you in no time at all!
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