Does anyone know of a link checker which works down to anchor level ?

Discussion in 'Wordpress Support' started by Justin Smith, Dec 7, 2019.

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    I am currently transferring my huge site to Wordpress from the Webplus platform it is currently on. Webplus has an inbuilt link checker which reliably and accurately reports all broken links (including to anchor level) but Wordpress does not have this. Even the plug in link checker fails to find broken links to anchors, in fact it sometimes seems to miss broken links to pages as well, it's useless.
    I was depending on Xenu to check the Wordpress site once it's live, but an experiment the other day seemed to indicate even Xenu doesn't find broken links to anchor level. W3C does find broken anchorlinks but is unbelievably slow. I'm assuming I'm using both correctly.....

    Does anyone know of a reasonably quick link checker which works to anchor level ? Or, alternatively, do you know if I'm using Xenu correctly !
    Posted: Dec 7, 2019 By: Justin Smith Member since: Jun 6, 2012