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    Like many people, I have a variety of subscriptions for web-based software. If you're lucky, your subscriptions stay constant and just go on forever. If you're unlucky, the companies keep putting the prices up every year or so - which means that you're paying an increasing cost, forever!

    So, after 17 years of building web applications and websites for clients, I've just recently starting developing my own version of online tools that I use a lot. This gives me a number of significant benefits:
    • I can tailor the software to run exactly the way I want it to
    • I don't have to suffer any changes that I don't like (which used to happen with third-party tools)
    • I can sell copies of the software to others
    • I can let other users into my version of the software if I want to
    • I don't have any costs other than the hosting (which is very cheap)
    One piece of software that I have developed like this has brought in almost £9,000 of sales in the last 5 months - and this is a sideline, taking up just a couple of hours a week of my time.

    So, is there a web-based application that you would like to have your own copy of? - that you could then sell or rent out to others?

    We won't infringe the intellectual property ("IP") rights of others - so the pages and screens won't be the same and we won't 'grab' anything directly for use on your version.

    You will end up with clean, unencrypted source code - and you will own the IP to this code - meaning you can sell or rent it out - or even give it away or let people have free access to it if you want to.

    If you're interested in discussing this, please get in touch via my main website here -
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