Do you ever feel sad that a client doesn't know anything about the internet?

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    I've had 2 clients in the last 12 months and I just wanted to share my feelings about them both.

    The first one was last summer, he specialises in a certain kind of black diamond jewellery, the product also had a choice of 10 other gems as well. Very posh London client in his late 60's. Agreed to my SEO Booster package and I worked really hard for this client, over and above as I was excited to be associated with his brand.
    • He was Google page 1, position 2 for his target phrase "Black diamond [product]" plus page 1 for all 10 other colour gem options in 30 days
    • Refused to sign up for follow on SEO because his son told him I was a waste of money and besides, he had not sold 1,000 quantity of Black diamond [products] in one month
    The 2nd was was late last year. The client and I have worked together for 5 years on a low services SEO fee, as long as he was on Google page 1 for [service x UK], [service x2 UK] [service x3 UK] he was a happy bunny. The website mysteriously went offline around 6 months ago, I only found out as Google Business sent me an email to say "We have detected you don't have a website so we have removed that from your Business listing" .. wtf? Turns out there was a Site Lockout Notification so the client had called his business associate panicking who handles the hosting and on-site IT support. They took the website offline.

    I was calling and texting and emailing and trying to stress this could be fixed today if I could have access but no, the old IT support guy and Client hd already made that decision. The site was not hacked let me make that clear. I pleaded, saying "Google will drop you in rankings for [service x UK], [service x2 UK] [service x3 UK] if you don't act immediately to bring it back online"
    • They know better than me and I had to end the relationship as I had no website to work with
    • I also was VERY adamant to tell them I am declining to quote for further work in the future, especially as rankings recovery work would need to be done to regain their SEO standing
    This is why I'm feeling sad, I know I can help and I really want to help, but my voice wasn't heard.

    What daft reasons have you parted ways with clients before?
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    Somebody told me that their new transport site is at the top of google
    Searched for it and could not find it anywhere .
    I then told him that he was wrong . He then said to me . When you search for "Blue Line Transport " it comes at the top of the page

    This young gladiator stayed in business for a whole 6 months

    I can normally tell when a customer is going to be a no go

    1) potentially too much waiting time at delivery /collection points
    2) Wanting us to follow their procedures
    3) Wanting us to fill out supplier approval forms for one 10 mile job a week
    4 )asking for credit/indication of not having any money
    5) asking us to go in customers houses (we dont do that )
    6) heavy lifting objects outside of the van ( we are not a removal company)
    7 Asking for a back load rate . (dont make me come around there :eek::eek::confused:)

    There have been times I have politely explained that their custom is not the type of work we wish to be involved with .
    I then advise them to take their heavy pallets to the local post office

    I will do everything I can to look after our customers and this type of thing is rare :)
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    What's the internet?
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    They tell me it's got something to do with the typewriter and telly on the desk
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    Reminds me of what Ken Clarke - former Justice Secretary in the Government - said about his work as a QC. The hardest part of his job was telling clients that..
    1. The law was not what they thought it was or..
    2. What they wished it was or..
    3. What they thought it should be.
    Managing client expectations isn't easy. You are not alone.
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    No, I don't. It is the best client because this person don't know popular myths, misconceptions and he/she is not a personal fan of Rand Fishkin.
    It allows to focus on results instead of wasting time to search proofs.
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    Before the internet was a thing, in my business capacity I was invited by the local chamber of commerce to attend a "meet the Greenwich Borough Council" with a view to encouraging local firms to join the Council's approved contractor list. The meeting went well and a few weeks later got a nice letter and forms in the post to apply to be a supplier (Commercial Refrigeration). However, when I read the details of the contract, I picked up on a clause that basically said that we could not deal, either directly or indirectly, with any company or organisation that was involved with the manufacture of or supply of nuclear weapons or armaments. I threw the forms in the bin and went back to work as I was not going to limit my company in our choice of clients by a Labour-controlled Council. A few weeks later had a followup call from one of their buyers to see why they had not received the forms back. Was delighted to tell her why and to explain that as we already had supply contracts with the Greater London Council and various County Councils, none of whom had any terms like theirs. Apparently, someone up high held the belief that if the Russians popped a nuclear bomb over London, Greenwich would be protected if they had this clause in their conditions!
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    Customer called the other day to enquire about a new variation of a product. I told her they have been added to our website.

    She said she'd had a look but couldn't find them. She just assumed she couldn't find them because she didn't have the latest version of internet.
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    Clients who try and look at A1 paper sized pdfs on their mobile, then call me to moan about it.
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    Business people always look for new business opportunities. Once they are aware of the vast ocean of traffic relevant to their business, they don’t mind reading more about it. You just need to show him/her the value of the internet traffic if you kick-start any campaign. It is hard for people who have been dealing with traditional methods for a long time. But I see nowadays lots of businesses are coming online. After this pandemic, many companies have been forced to hold investor meetings over Zoom, run marketing campaigns online, and accept digital contactless payments due to Covid-19.
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    Many of our clients don’t need or use the internet, they’re too busy doing things ;)
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    I had a chap call me on my mobile - this number easily findable from the net, and is on my web site. He asked questions about special programming on a radio I stock. In fairness I could programme it to do what he wanted but I have another product that does exactly what he wants better, and simpler for £5 more. He was talking about contacting the port authority to determine specific channels he needs. He phoned back and offered more info. I asked him to email it and I would programme a radio to his needs, and get it out yesterday afternoon. At 4pm, I got an email saying thanks. I asked of he was certain he didn't want the other one? What other one? The one we spoke about that's also on the web site, I sent the URL. Yes - I'll have that one, How shall I pay? Well, I said, do you use PayPal? Yes he said - I said I'd send him a payment request, which he paid immediately. On the web page I sent him was the PayPal button - I should have guessed because his emails were coming from his wife's account - so I guess he just couldn't do the internet thing at all, and the payment request went to his wife, and she sorted it. It does make you realise that when you create web pages, you need to always think about people like this. On my ebay listings I now use a chatty style and spell out real basics - and even include phrases like "If you hate computers, then please do NOT buy this radio - have a look at XYZ" I thought this a bit patronising and silly, but the returns fell substantially once I started being honest. I even have a few products with different brand names that are clearly the same one, and some are five quid dearer - for absolutely nothing. I even tried saying if you want to save a little money - have a look at XYS this is the same product but with a different brand name - I still sell more of the more expensive ones! Maybe people like honesty?

    Looking at the returns, it's very clear that some people are just unable to do computer stuff. Very often the USB cable packet has never been opened - they realised they needed a computer and sent it back. One fella was so angry at me for not mentioning that programming from the front panel was not quick. I tried entering one line of the required data using up/down/enter/shift - like we used to do to send texts where the entire alphabet was in a row with numbers on shift. It took me nearly five minutes. I looked at the remaining 2000 or so lines - totally unworkable.
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    You spend most of your time trying to educate them on what needs done, rather that getting it done
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    Another this evening - I bought a radio. Do I need a computer? The ad wording includes the phrase "Comes complete with the USB cable so you can program the radio from your computer" I have now added a little extra info "If you value your sanity do NOT buy this radio expecting to program it from the keypad - you will grow old". He's also told me he doesn't want to use it for 'normal' purposes was hoping to decrypt the Emergency Service radio communications, why is as far as I am aware totally secure and private. Why would anybody not bother to do the simplest research. What peed me off was his glib comment - I'll send it back for a refund, not even I'd like to send it back. grrrrrrr.

    Ignore this post - I'm just grumpy again! wasting postage is so annoying when people simply click on buy it now and are a bit thick!
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