DIY SEO question

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    I was thinking the same :D
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    The other thing about natural SEO is to work out if you can get an edge

    Imagine everyone was as good as SEO and we are now in the days of lots of stuff out there from every and everyone

    Well they all rank the same - but cannot so lets say sameish

    So then the only way to get hits is through marketing in some shape or form - and there any many forms

    I was chatting to an SEO person last year and they said now that "everyone" has cracked SEO the only real way to get action from google was to buy google ads/shopping

    I am not saying it is fully true but you can see the logic is strong
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    Use AdWords and start making seo for your shop
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    You sir, are an idiot. Try reading the whole thread.
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    Yup! Look at his other posts - I'd wager a whole bag of Dolly Mixtures he's just running up a post-count so he can insert some SPAM!
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