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    I was thinking the same :D
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    The other thing about natural SEO is to work out if you can get an edge

    Imagine everyone was as good as SEO and we are now in the days of lots of stuff out there from every and everyone

    Well they all rank the same - but cannot so lets say sameish

    So then the only way to get hits is through marketing in some shape or form - and there any many forms

    I was chatting to an SEO person last year and they said now that "everyone" has cracked SEO the only real way to get action from google was to buy google ads/shopping

    I am not saying it is fully true but you can see the logic is strong
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    Use AdWords and start making seo for your shop
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    You sir, are an idiot. Try reading the whole thread.
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    Yup! Look at his other posts - I'd wager a whole bag of Dolly Mixtures he's just running up a post-count so he can insert some SPAM!
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    I don't think that in most of my posts I am wrong. And if talking about referral traffic then it is good to boost conversion rate and this statement I have told based on my personal experience.
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    Is there any difference in approach to SEO if you're marketing a unique/new product as opposed to a 'me too'? A lot of the advice on here (which I've read with great interest) seems to counsel against buying off the peg themes etc because they make SEO difficult in a hugely saturated 'me too' environment. I just wondered if theres any difference in advice if the product has novelty/is distinguishable?

    I've a business that deals with architects and interiors professionals in a B2B capacity, supplying large commercial fit outs. The brand is based in the Netherlands and their website is superb, but it is not an ecommerce site, so I have no prior experience of SEO. They're now launching a consumer/residential product under a diffusion brand however and I think this is one where an ecommerce approach would probably be right. Just wondered if anyone had any pointers on this?
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    I have since placed 20 ads on the French version of gumtree, inviting people to look at my site. Traffic has double to 4,000 visitors per month, which is a lot in my business I think.

    It looks like only a small proportion of them are using the link on the ads to arrive at my site, most of them must be using google to get there by searching my brand name, since they are landing on the main domain, not the one linked to the ads. This is not google trickery, it's all natural business development. So I don't see why google would ignore / penalise.

    But you think driving natural traffic to my site does not count for ranking on google as much as getting reviews and links? It does not make sense to me. A busy site is surely the main metric and a busy site is one that deserves visibility, right?
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    It’s too easily manipulated. You can buy traffic.

    You are guessing as to the traffic source. Your analytics will tell you where they come from and what they did. 4000 visitors per month is good but only if they then convert. If those 4000 arrive, look at a couple of pages then leave then their visit achieved nothing.

    You need to analyse those 4000 visitors in detail.
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    You may get traffic to your website but stop believing that this will improve your SEO. This is not the best way. Google has clearly said in link schemes related SEO practices years ago. So if you somehow manage to get paid ads there, just keep in mind your SEO is not going to boost.
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    I don't think that's an SEO strategy at all. I'd hire a professional, or perhaps, you can learn it from scratch learning all about on-page optimization and then move on off-page.
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    Sorry, we have been growing at approx 10% per month for the last three years, and have been since the end of the first year when we turned over £60k. We will carry on with DIY until it stops growing at a healthy pace. We can't actually cope with faster growth either. Lord knows what a mess we would be in if the SEO wizard came along and tripled turnover in a year.

    Also, I asked if it as a tactic, not a strategy.

    I now know it probably isn't a tactic to help. But it is a tactic to attract traffic to the store. I know this because I did it anyway and it work. So there is something else learnt and one more reason not to hire a professional in.
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    Everyone loves a bit of growth hacking.

    When I started my business I didn't know what I was doing, I ended up on a blackhat site and a bloke was selling a bunch of links from his PBN network.

    He convinced me, 3 weeks later I was ranking no. 2 on the 1st page of Google UK.

    I didn't stay there long, but I got a ton of leads from the B2B enterprise clients I was after and 2 are still with me today.

    This is obviously not the way to go long term, but what you're doing doesn't seem to carry the same inherent risk as what I was doing, so if it's working for you, take it.
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