DIY Accounting Software For A Newsagent

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Nov 2, 2007

We currently run our accounts through excel spreadsheets and a bespoke epos system but are taking over another shop/business in the town and want to move onto something more tailored as we will be tracking a much larger turnover and cost base.

Can anyone recommend some software that can handle the following.

Daily Sales Figures
Invoices For Goods Purchases
Track Staff Costs ie Wage, Employee & Employers Contributions, NI, etc
Handle / Assist in VAT Returns/Reconciliation

Im looking for a one off purchase not a monthly fee system.

Thanks In Advance

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Dont touch Microsoft Express as its end of life and is being dropped by Microsoft. Most small businesses in the UK use Sage Line 50. Give us a call if you want a demo. 0121 314 0001

Do you have a link for Microsoft Accounting Express being dropped by Microsoft? I hadn't heard that and a quick google doesn't turn anything up.
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Sep 24, 2008
Do you have a link for Microsoft Accounting Express being dropped by Microsoft? I hadn't heard that and a quick google doesn't turn anything up.

I hadnt heard of it being dropped either - I'd be very interested to find out if this is correct.
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Just type "Microsoft Money Discontinued" into Google and I think that you will find the weight of evidence compelling.

Since you claimed that Microsoft Accounts Express, a completely different product, was being discontinued, I think I'll find the weight of evidence irrelevant.

Do you have anything to back your claim up at all?
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The two products aren't that similar. As I understand it MS Money is principally for personal finance and extremely tiny businesses. Whereas MS Office Accounting family is a mini-ERP product along the lines of things like Sage 50, Kashflow, etc.

Another interesting point, I'm no great cheerleader for Microsoft, but there is an interesting contrast here between the way that MYOB/Mamut have treated MYOB's UK userbase, and Microsoft's policy with the existing MS Money userbase:

Theoretically, users will be able to continue using Microsoft Money indefinitely, minus the online services and features that the company plans to kill off. However, the software giant does in no way guarantee that MS Money will work with future versions of the Windows operating system. However, in order to be able to do so, customers will need to activate their products before support is retired completely on January 31, 2011.

“Online services will no longer be available, but Money has many features that continue to work after the online services have expired. (For Money Plus Deluxe, Premium and Home & Business customers, online services expire two years after initial activation or Jan. 31, 2011, whichever is earlier; for Money Plus Essentials it is one year after activation or Jan. 31, 2011, whichever is earlier. You can verify your expiration date in Money Plus by selecting Help / About Microsoft Money; it appears to the right of the serial number),” the company stated.

So, although Money development and sales are being discontinued, existing users who bought the product in good faith will be able to carry on using it as long as they can keep PCs that support it running. At a guess it'll run fine on W7, so Money should have at least a decade of life ahead of it for existing users who don't need telephone support.
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