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    Hi all,

    My company Hussey Coding Limited has just launched a new service, Developer Connection ( to connect UK store owners with quality UK Magento developers. How are we different from something like Upwork?

    Low cost

    Every other service we know of to connect you with a developer adds to the cost by charging you a range of service fees. Mostly this applies to the developer where up to 20% of what you are charged as a client for development work goes straight to the service. This results in significantly inflated cost which you as a client directly pay for with hiked developer rates.

    At Developer Connection we don't think you should have to pay for anything more than just connecting with the right Magento developer. The only thing you pay for with us is a one off, small amount to post your project and that's it.

    In depth developer profiles

    Often it can be hard to know if any one developer is the right fit for your project. A big part of finding the best Magento developer is knowing they have the specific skills and experience you are looking for.

    Developer Connection solves this problem by giving you clear and easy access to the full profiles of every developer interested in your project. Each profile shows the specific development skills and experience of the developer, including areas of specialisation. You can also see how long the developer has been working with Magento, references from previous clients, open source contributions, relevant forum or similar external profiles, and whether they are certified.

    Automatic, intelligent and immediate developer matching

    Often when you post a Magento project on other marketplaces you can be inundated with applications and it becomes very quickly clear that many candidates are obviously not the right fit for the job and just don't have the skill set you are looking for.

    With Developer Connection this doesn't happen because matching is done automatically using intelligent logic which looks at the specification of your project and the skills the developer says they have on their profile. This makes finding the best Magento developer easy as you know that every developer matched to your project has the skills to work on it. You will also never be inundated with applicants because you set the number of applicants you want to see when creating your project. What's more, you can see matches to your project immediately after creating it.

    We manage developer availability automatically

    One of the key questions you need to ask a developer before starting work is 'what is your availability like at the moment?'. Whether they have the availability you need can be hit and miss and this makes it harder to find a developer with the right skills and experience, but who can also start work when you need them to.

    We take the guesswork out of this process because we automatically manage the availability of every developer and this is used as part of the criteria for matching to your project. When creating a project you specify the number of hours you want each developer to work, and developers will only be matched if they have that availability.

    Specific to the UK

    As a UK based Magento store owner we know that having developers working on your store who are also from the UK is important. That's why the focus of Developer Connection is just the UK and Magento. This means you can be sure that during your working day you can easily get in touch or meet up with someone developing your store. Having local development talent increases accountability and trust in your working relationship, and productivity for your project.

    Pick Developer Connection today!

    Join Developer Connection to get all of these benefits and find the best Magento developers for your project. We would love to have you on board!
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