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    Hello, fellow entrepreneurs! I want to ask a question about the design for an eCommerce website. Do you conduct design on your own or do you prefer to outsource this part of the work?
    I read here that many people recommend using various free and not only tools to design everything on your own. But I think I don't have the right taste and the understanding of current design tendencies to do this work on my own.
    Actually why I ask is I found an opportunity to get a design at a price that is lower than the average designer's salary. It's a subscription design service called Awesomic. Now I have a dilemma. What's better? To keep trying to do everything on your own and maybe someday master design skill (at least at a somewhat adequate level) or give it up and just start working with professionals?
    Or maybe there are other ways I overlook it?

    I'll be much obliged for your replies and recommendations!
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    There is no one answer. Everyone will have different skill sets and selling different products to different groups of people. Awesomic may work for you or it might be the wrong service provider. There are way too many variables to give a meaningful answer.

    However, the sort of designer you find on Awesomic are more likely to be bottom feeders. Goode designers won’t we advertising their services on a site like that. In any case, you would still need to find a developer to turn their design into a website.
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  3. Dillon Lawrence Ltd

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    Awesomic is like Fiverr - a race to the bottom.

    You’d be better placed to get a real designer who has experience in ecommerce, or better yet a team so the design can be built with the designer and developers working together. Ecommerce isn’t the same as building a standard site. It’s about your brand, messaging, what converts etc for maximum sales.
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  4. Wesley Cude

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    It really depends on your skillset and the time you have available. Personally, I would find a premium theme from, that matches your requirements in terms of functionality and design as closely as possible.

    I wouldn't look to modify the design too much, simply replacing the written content and imagery with your own. To set up the theme, if you are unable to do this, I would pay someone to set this up for you and install the demo data to look like the theme. You can find someone to do this cheaply on Fiverr, People Per Hour or Upwork.
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    And let me guess, you're their online marketer posting spam :rolleyes:

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    The code quality on their is absolutely shocking.

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  7. UrbanRetail

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    I agree, but for someone starting out it’s acceptable I think. That or Shopify.
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  8. Wesley Cude

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    Ha, that makes total sense.
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  9. antropy

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    It's never acceptable to have non-working themes, especially for someone who doesn't know how to get it resolved.

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  10. Paul Carmen

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    I want to ask you a question, well several actually.

    What's your business and marketing plan; e.g. what products are you selling online, who are your customers/competitors, what features and functionality does the site/businesses operation need, how are you going to market it, and why would someone choose your site/products?

    Who does the design is irrelevant, it's only a tiny part of the process.

    I'd recommend avoiding pay per hour/job sites for any design/web work, as you'll end up with something that you have no idea of the quality of, plus managing it and developing it will be an ongoing nightmare.
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  11. Peter Morris

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    LOL! Exactly what I'm thinking right now! :D
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  12. UKOnlineServices

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    Unless you want a mess out of a website, I would avoid such services. Get someone - an individual or a team - who will plan, design and develop your project form start to end. That gives you at least a fair ground to expect value for your money.
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