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Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by Kevin Yeandel, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Kevin Yeandel

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    Dear all,

    Out of the blue a letter came this morning from a debt collection agency demanding I pay up £70 in 72 hours for a gym membership that was closed 2 years ago and fully paid up, contract ended.

    The 72 hours is the first I have heard of it, it's Friday tomorrow and it doesn't give me much time to ask questions - especially as I am abroad at the moment!

    My fear is damage to my fabulous credit history which is thus far unblemished... can someone come knocking on your door, demand money and ask questions later?

    Any suggestions from anyone?

    Many thanks

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  2. Cred-X

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    Hi Kevin,

    If the membership was cancelled properly 2 years ago then the creditor should not instruct a debt collector to approach you in this manner.
    Respomd to the debt collector by email advising that no debt is due and that the membership had been cancelled.

    They cannot touch your credit record if there is no county court judgment against you. If they issue a county court claim, you can defend the case.
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    I agree, I had a similar case when I moved from one gym to another. Strangely enough my debtor letter was about a year and a half after the contract was cancelled. Fortunately I kept the all the paperwork and proved by my bank statements that I had fully paid up during the cancellation period ( 3 months ) and the agency backed off, never heard any more of it.

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  4. bwglaw

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    The debt might have been legally assigned and the debtor notified at his last known address. However, as you have stated that the contract was fully paid up then I suggest you put in writing to state that liability for the debt is wholly denied and ask them to prove your liability for the debt given that the creditor no longer exists. Send this by recorded delivery.

    If they persist then you may have grounds for harassment, especially if they visit your home.
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  5. Ice Diamond

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    Hi Kevin,

    You know, exactly the same thing happened to me.

    I was scared but spoke to another debt agency who turned out to be really helpful. They don't all appear to be nasty.

    The one I used was called Avonmere Collections and they even contacted the other debt firm and got them off my back. They can be found by enering avonmere in google.

    I spoke to a chap called Charles Goodman.

    I hope this helps!

    Good Luck.
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    Hi Anyone,

    We are not all heavy handed thugs we can assist you as well if you have concerns of debt collectors actions drop me a pm and ill glady assist

    central enforcement agency:D
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    Why do I have a mental picture a crowbar in your hand as you type?? :D
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    We can assist SME's in not only helping recover their debts but also put into place preventative methods to reduce the risk of the debt or late payment occuring in the first place.
    Methods to recover the debts should follow the OFT guidelines.
    Happy to help
    EC Credit Control
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